Cross the Pond Event ๐Ÿšจ

Juuuuust a wee bit of (virtual) traffic over the North Atlantic today. VATSIM :eyes:



Thatโ€™s awesome. Not my thing, but super cool to see so many people taking part in an event like that.


For comparison, there are currently four eastbound tracks and four westbound tracks in the actual Atlantic OTS. Looking at the shot above, there appear to be at least eight each; and apparently some are PBCS โ€œhalfโ€ tracks. Someone official had to design the tracks just as Shanwick and Gander do daily with the OTS in real life. It is pretty amazing that so many people are participating.

This is a demonstration of how heavy-handed management is often beneficial. If players were just to โ€œroll their ownโ€, the crossings would be joyless and chaotic. VATSIM lays a foundation of rules that must be followed. The experience for those participants willing to learn them and to comply, the experience is a communal success.

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