Crow rides Eagle

Looking for signs of this being photoshop etc but don’t think it is

That’s the natural version of “white Knight” and “spaceship one”

Life finds a way :joy::+1:

Since man mimics nature, does this mean there’s still hope for flying aircraft carriers?

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They’ve toyed with the idea of flying drone carriers for a few years now, close enough?


I am going to go with photoshop. Crows up here routinely mess with eagles to drive them away from nesting sites. There is no way the eagle wouldn’t feel that touch on it’s back.


Yep, concur - I’ve seen some epic fights between a bunch (a murder?) of crows and bald eagles on hikes and walks around here. They really don’t get on at all.

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Don’t think it’s a photoshop, but I think just caught mid-attack. 3rd picture you can see the crow’s talons ruffling the eagle’s feathers.

The whole sequence appears to maintain a constant bearing on the scene. Not arguing it, but I would tend towards this being doctored. Strange and odd things happen frequently in nature, and though I do not doubt this could happen, I am not convinced of this instance.

I have watched on a several occasions a solitary falcon, diminutive by comparison and that lives in my neighborhood, put up a natural display of aerial combat energy management against gatherings of vultures and successfully chase them off. It almost seems to do it for sport or enjoyment! (Point is, it gets very close to practically landing on the vultures, at times).

Brought this to mind immediately…

And, of course…