CyberPower PC, beware

Since this is PC related, I felt it should go here.
I wanted to give everyone a heads up if they’re considering a PC purchase soon.
My current rig is going on 5 years old and is CPU bottlenecked (i7/6700k OC’d 4.5) and I was having PSU issues. So I decided to build my next 5 year comp.

I did a line by line comparison between a few companies, plus asked for some word of mouth reviews and CP came away as the best.

I placed my order with them on the 18th of January with a quoted lead time of 5-6 weeks. I paid via Paypal, so payment was held until they get to the building and ship phase. After 6 weeks, PP cant hold the payment anymore and CP wants payment via credit card. So I change my form of payment to that, which they immediately charge.

I get notice my PC is in the build phase, so I’m thinking it’ll ship in a few days. I email yesterday and ask about it and get the reply that they dont actually have all the parts and it could be 10-11+ weeks now because I’ve ordered a 3080 GPU. WTF???

Their site did explain a delay may be experienced due to covid and supply, but was 5-6 weeks. Now the bait and switch to 10-11+.

So buyer beware.


This should be illegal. I hate and loathe companies that do this. They are now earning interest on the money that should be in your bank earning interest for YOU. it might be an almost insignificant amount but done over enough customers over enough time and it bloody adds up. Makes my blood BOIL. you are essentially giving them an interest free, short term loan with no fixed duration. Grrrrr :frowning:


I would think that you have a good reason for canceling your order, but as with a lot of purchases these days, due to the global pandemic supply chains are still way behind.


I’m sorry to hear that @ST0RM . All I can say is that my PC came from Cyberpower, purchased two years ago. My experience with them was excellent and the PC has given me no issues in that time (at least none that were not self inflicted :crazy_face:). Did they give you any other options apart from waiting (ie a different GPU option) ?

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They did give me the option of going with another GPU, but why would I go for a lesser one? I’ve already got a 2080ti in the current machine. At this point though, I’m considering just removing it from the current comp and moving forward. Or just cancelling completely.
So tired of the excuses of Covid for every backlog. Not everything is related, but its the go to excuse now.

I thought the availability issue with 3080/3090 cards was the bitcoin miners buying them up?
I remember the 2080Ti’s were hard to come by (or astronomically priced) for a long time after the cards were released.

I’m not making excuses for CyberPower (they shouldn’t have taken the payment if they can’t build the PC). I think if I was in your position I would use your 2080Ti in the new PC for awhile as you mentioned. The 2080Ti is still a pretty capable card.


I agree with @PaulRix , no excuses for CyberPower but I’m sure they’re struggling with 3080 availability just like everyone else.

While the 3080 offers more for the money, I think the improvements over a 2080ti are fairly modest. You’ve already got a great card, if time is an issue I’d drop the GPU and put your 2080 in the new PC.


I was afraid of something similar - why I didn’t look too hard at a pre-built; figured they won’t have a significant amount of luck getting the GPU I want anymore than I would, and I wanted to try rolling my own anyway. The old gray mare (same CPU as you, older GPU) is going to have to plow for a while longer.

Had a thought recently: the writing is on wall, perhaps – all this stuff going on may signal the end of my flight sim hobby. Cost is becoming harder to justify. One more rig. When that is rendered (semi-obscure pun intended) obsolete…???

Hope it works out for you.

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It’s not just Corona though. Taiwan is suffering from a drought that severely affects chip production for example. Car manufacturers even had to shut down production completely because of the shortage. I know first hand that even simple ARM chips have a estimated shipping date of several months! First it was a few weeks delay, now it’s over four months… It’s crazy atm.

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I’ve been holding off on upgrading. Skipped the 2xxx series, awaiting the 3xxx. Now, guess I’m holding out a bit longer for 4xxx!

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I hate to pay in advance. Did it twice. Once I got 10% discount for paying in advance and all went well fortunately. Second time I had to cancel order and had to wait few weeks to get my money back to my account.

I ordered from Digital Storm and had he same issues. Receiving it today. Ordered it on the first week of January.

The lead time on getting standard HP Elitebook laptops, no RTX cards or anything, just using stock Intel graphics, is 2 MONTHS.

Ordered in Feb, told they will ship around March 31st/April 1st! The global supply chain is in tatters thanks to a perfect storm of demand, supply issues in various places, and of course customs issues.

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Someone mentioned that the market is ripe to sell old hardware on Ebay. I might have to do that. I tend to be a packrat regarding legacy hardware. I might even have a Voodoo card buried somewhere…

I wonder how long it would take to mine a Bitcoin with a Voodoo card?

That was me. Bought a RX580 in December 2019 for 90€.

Sold it a few weeks ago for 200€.

It helped to justify spending 999€ on a RX6800XT. Great card.

I kept the RTX 2080 for my second PC and will skip on buying a PS5.

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My R295x2 is worth £100 less than what I bought it for according to eBay.


I inquired about ordering with the cheapest GPU possible or without the GPU altogether. They came back and with the reply that they dont sell systems without a GPU. And their only available is a 1060 2Gb card for $1029. What a crock…

they are funny guys :smile: …I mean, wait, is it really going on ebay for this price?? because if yes, then I will take out one from my brothers PC…

Then I would ask for a refund at this point. It really shouldn’t be a issue for them to supply you with a system without the graphics card.


Try to buy a bicycle.

It’s pretty easy to assemble a good gaming rig these days. Your 2080ti is nothing to sneeze at.