CyberPunk 2077

From the people that did The Witcher series, their new RPG open world thingy set in the grim future…

First decent gameplay reveal, but still a while away from release.


Interesting. Looks very interesting. Although I like witcher much better…less tech and all.

Has been on my list for a long time now. This could be great.

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Been eyeing this one since the first announcement a few years ago. I keep hoping it’ll have a multiplayer mode that isn’t a MMORPGPTP.

The world and the graphics look great, but I too am not really into the cyberpunk aesthetic, with all its big popped collars, mohawks and neon. Ironically that look feels strangely dated, in a bit like the 1950’s sci-fi had metal men, the 1980’s had cyberpunk.

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That’s sort of the point, my dear man :smiley: The 80s A E S T H E T I C is hot right now.


For me that topped out at BLOOD DRAGON CYBER WARRIOR, which I think I enjoyed more than Far Cry 3.

I’m with you on this. I was a master for years in my teens for the pen&paper RPG of Cyberpunk2020 and I literally couldn’t be happier! :star_struck:


If Fallout can have its postapocalyptic 50ies vibe, why can’t CP2077 have the early 80ies vibe? IMHO it goes great with the whole BladeRunner-ish setting.

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I don’t think Frog is saying it can’t have that aesthetic, I think he’s saying it’s not appealing to him. Which is perfectly fine.


Certainly. I’m not saying his opinion is invalid, i’m just trying to get him to further elaborate his point.

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Yep, it will be good if The Witcher is anything to go by. I’m buying it for sure based off that. I just sort of meant it wasn’t a look/niche I loved particularly.

Like The Witcher it looks like Cyberpunk 2077 is actually based on existing IP. The board game CyberPunk 2020:

It will be cool if they release it in 2 years then :slight_smile:

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There’s that, yeah. :sleepy: Well, i read that the main storyline is already playable start to finish since quite recently, so at least they got that milestone made. It’s far from as elusive as it has been the last few years.

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I think now I realize it’s based off existing lore (the board game, Night City and all that) then it makes more sense to me now. In my ignorance I had thought they had dreamed up some sort of Cyberpunk world of their own today, and went for the full-on 80’s cliche regardless.

What they did with The Witcher and the original novels was good, so I guess it is something that works for them, as in expanding worlds with games rather than starting fresh.

It is interesting to think of what a 2018 ‘future-noir’ would even look like though. I guess lots of Gap clothes, extreme weather events and people sitting inside being angry on twitter. Dunno. :slight_smile:


Just finished watching the gameplay demo, the combat mechanics really hit all the right notes.

I’m hereby decalring that my previous effort in never buying again a game at full price/day one was a joke.
HAHAH What a guy, right? I totally meant it as such.

IN fact I think I’m even going to consider pre-ordering this.

Please take my f*cking money NOW!


Before my wife’s wakes up…

yup, same here. Cyberpunk is the thing of my late teens. I read Gibson and watched/took part in the dawn of the internet through modems, BBS’s and four-color CRT’s. To play a game in that world, made by the guys who did the phenomenaly excellent Witcher 3 is nirvana. I normally loathe swords-and-magic games, but that game had me for all 80 hours it took to see every nook and cranny of it.

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I can relate so much.
Discovered “Neuromancer” in high school and I’ve been trapped in the Cyberpunk atmosphere ever since.
But it wasn’t until I finally could read his stuff in english that I really understood…

I also loved Effinger cyberpunk sutff and (somewhat marginally) Bruce Sterling*.

Beside that— I read that Mr. Gibson disliked the trailer but I think everyone is entitled with an opinion.

*Funny story: My brother’s girlfriend is a close friend of Mr. Sterling. He gave her a pet name- I mean, seriously? I’d kill for something like that! :slight_smile: Not to mention they met him several times and even went to his house in Italy. In one of the ugliest Big Cities ever…

ugly big city == cyberpunk

I like Sterling a lot, his space opera Schismatrix is great. I also really dug the short sotry colelctions he put out with Gibson. Remember that tale about people betting heavily on duels fought with little holographic bi- and triplanes over a defunct billiards table? That’s so great lol.

Hehehe you’re actually not wrong. In case you’re wondering it’s Turin. :slight_smile:
And yes, I loved that collections of short stories. IIRC it’s called Burning Chrome.

After checking
Yup, it’s there. Wonderful stuff, truly epic.

In case you want to check my brother and his girlfriend works they’re in english here.

That’s what attracted Mr. Sterling to them.
Here a picture of Mr. Sterling and Alessandra, my brother girlfriend.

He calls her Fragments.