Daddy's Got a Brand New Build

So, with confirmation that my last system has over indeed gone nipples- up after 8 years together, it’s time for a new build. The first parts just came in a little while ago…


Ooh, did you score a new GPU?

Nope. My 1070 will be ok until prices are less insane, after the holidays.


<.Narrator voice:> Little did he know, the prices were not ever going to be any less insane anymore…


Walmart has 3080 LHRs for mid 1800s :grinning:

Working my bad influencer badge :muscle:


Newegg Daily Shuffle and the AMD Weekly is good in the US too :wink:


Have fun with the build. I’m almost at the point where buying a laptop with 3000 series card is an option lawl.


That’ll have to wait till after the first of the year- there’s a lot of other projects and trips on the table right now…but I’m definitely starting to keep a closer eye on prices.

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You have more patience than I it seems – I finally gave up at ~1.5 years (since I said, “Nope, that’s absurd”) and ordered a ‘bundle’ deal.

I’d hate myself except…I’ll be too busy slapping it all together next week :slight_smile: This rig keeps needing parts anyway after almost 5+ years.

And, on ‘paper’ (results I’ve seen), if I resist throwing eye-candy at it (I’m pretty good on this score) performance out of my obsession(s) should be about 1.5 - 1.8 higher. Ok, enough rationalizing from me



AMD reference cards get you very very close to 3080 performance at about half the money. Can recommend, my reference RX6800XT is doing great


Hmmmm, that’s an excellent point.

Did exactly the same six months ago. Started on a new build and hang to my old GPU for some more time. Got a Ryzen 9 and the same memory sticks as you to pair them with. (I have a Ryzen 7 in the office, practical differences are very minor). Even though the graphics card stayed the same (I am lucky to have a 1080ti, though), I still saw significant improvements in DCS.

Great card with 16GB VRAM, but the prices that I see for those are very close to a 3080 LHR.

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Yeah, I just sat that too.

Looks like next year still, then.

I bought mine for €860 from a scalper when anything else (6800 XT non-reference new, RTX 3080 any version) cost €1300-€1600
This was in early summer, perhaps the situation has changed. But it’s worth keeping in mind that there is compeition for Nvidia this time.

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Interesting, I checked new egg this morning and you can get a RX 6900 XT for less than $1700. Tom’s Hardware rates that with 97% of the benchmark of the RTX 3090. Granted that it’s coming from Hong Kong, but the prices are coming down.

In VR with many pixels, the 6900XT is closer to the RTX3080 performance than in general 1440p and 4K benchmarks, and it is very close to the 6800XT anyways. Usually not worth it over 3080 or 6800XT


Another piece arrived tonight, because it was on sale, and I have no self-control:


10TB! Is that what we’ve become?! LOL!


I mean, if you saw the size of my ortho folders for X-Plane…

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