Dallas Flight Sim Convention

Anyone going to the flight sim con in dallas this June? I live nearby so I’m probably going. Might be fun to grab some beers and have a mudspike meet up!

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I’ll have to look at my schedule. Usually, I go to sim training at DFW in June, but this year they moved my slot to July. I’d love to attend…but I’ll have to look at the details…

WAIT - There’s a FLIGHT SIM Convention in DALLAS?


If anyone wants, I’ll gladly grab my videographer and we’ll make a couple of days of it, doing interviews a la CES geeks.

Gunny - tell me where and when and what the ticket prices are, and I’ll go online and purchase them NOW!

We don’t have a home right now (long story; crazy neighbor with drugs and a gun), but I’d host ALL of you if I could, and I’ll gladly play Tour Guide to any and all. I even know where the decent breweries are, and where the best Tex Mex is!!!



Looks like a weekend pass is $50. Not to bad considering there is a free social. I can drink $50 very quickly.

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Possibly maybe. I’m going to be in Dallas at about that time for training.