Dangerous Waters: P-3C Orion AAR

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Dangerous Waters is a naval strategy sim first released in the heady days of 2005. It still stands up well today and if you remember much from the year 2005, this was when Tiger Woods was still good at golf, the Pope was a German and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith was our last…


The next planned AAR is something I didn’t have time to touch on. Multiplayer!

The idea of a couple of us pressing buttons on those stations together is already making me laugh. Should be fun… :smile:

Oh, that’s going to be great fun! Many, many years ago, two of my roommates and I would all log on and play Sub Command together, one in an Akula, one in a 688i, and one in a SeaWolf. We’d spend hours stalking each other in the virtual depths, and then inevitably it would turn into a snapshot-fest at whoever made contact and launched a torpedo first. Good times.

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Nice read, Frog! Sub hunting in an Orion seems hardly simple, though. I really need to try this out.

Thanks guys. Here’s some additional reference info, for those interested in getting into Dangerous Waters.

  • The PDF Manual (warning, large download). Made in the days where if printed you could kill someone with it. Good stuff:


  • You can also buy a hardcopy of the manual from the excellent SubSim.com here:


  • An unofficial Windows 8 fix in the works (the reason for the mixed reviews on Steam):


  • Some great tips and guides, including setting up Voice Activations:


  • More cool community tools via the excellent SubGuru

http://www.subguru.com/ and http://www.subguru.com/downloads.html

I love that I have a hard copy of the Dangerous Waters manual. Has anyone reached out to Sonalyst to see what they are up to these days? They have an updated web-site…but I’m curious if they are working on any projects for PC naval warfare enthusiasts?

That could make a fun DCSW module…
At least if the map contains big parts of water. NTTR not so much. :smiley:

Sir…we have a contact on sonobuoy number thirty-seven…

Where does that put it sonar?

Uh…looks like the east quarter of the Bellagio fountain sir…

I want an ASROC on there immediately…

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I used to spend a lot of time in that sim. It’s a shame there hasn’t been an update…

Here’s a link of few silly comics I made 9 years ago. Wow time flies…


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Hi EinsteinEP,
I thought you would write this article :smile:

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Frog beat me to it! We are planning (hoping?) to do a multiplayer AAR, however. It amazing how much more damage the two of us can do when working together.

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He can do the proper sub narrow/broadband one. Mine was just more an intro to the sim with a couple of bad gags. :blush:

Whoaw. The world is so small - I’m no subsim users but once in a while I pop there for the news… Nine years ago, i laughed real hard :smiley:

I’m a regular player of DW. One of my brothers spent a week of vacation home. We played DW all week long. :smiley: He is a radar operator on a french frigate. the Oliver Perry together was Hell of a fun. :smiley:

Hours of nothing and then 5 minutes of chaos!

I think time spent in mission is underestimated. I would like to see in AARs how long took the mission. From pictures posted its (first) 12:00 - (last) 14:41

I am wondering if people like to spend the uncompressed time in SP game or the time compression/jump to action is more popular.

More just an expression of things becoming more frantic rather than actual time elapsed, as in the 5 minutes was probably about an hour in all. The AAR took about 2 hours to play, as I used some time compression after the initial sonar line deployment. When in ‘attack’ mode it was pretty much real-time as the search area was much smaller.

Picking a mission to be fun to play but still allow an interesting read for people that haven’t seen DW before was the hard bit. For people who already know DW then this was super simple single player stuff. I hadn’t spent a lot of time in ASW aircraft before (usually always subs, or occasionally the FFG) so that was another excuse to do this.

Excellent AAR. Played the hell out of this game years ago. Really miss it.

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