Dash 8 Q400, An X-Plane AAR

The Dash 8, one of my favorite prop planes next to the DC-3. This one is made by FlyJ sims and is avalible for X Plane from the .org store. Here is a link: Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

As of this writing(7 July 15 0204 Zulu) the Dash 8 is on sale for $20.

This is a very fun plane to fly as it is more “hands on” than a lets say 777 or A350. I still have a lot to learn with this plane as I have only flew twice in it but both flights were a very very enjoyable experience!

So lets get started. Flight planning was very easy. No SIDS no STARS. The FMC is the default X Plane FMC. So straight forward, input way-points and fly.

I used Simbrief.com for my planning. Simbrief also will give you a random PAX count. Pretty cool and keeps me from just loading up a full plane.

So Our flight today will be on Horizon(QXE) and will be flight #723. We will be flying from KSAV to KMCO at FL180. The Route we take will be MILIE to J103 to OMN.

Here is the Dash 8 at the gate in KSAV.

First thing was to get our PAX and fuel loaded. The plane comes with a handy dandy load and balance manager.

Just click the seat to put a person in it and click a plus or minus button to load fuel or cargo. For this flight we would have 74 people and 1410 lbs of cargo along with 5095 lbs of fuel. NOTE: the picture was taken before correct fuel and PAX and cargo was input.

Once loaded it was time to close the door and fire up the APU and request a pushback. The flight deck is very well done and easy to navigate through as well as push buttons.

As soon as pushback was complete it was time for engine start. Engine start was fairly easy, Flip the starter selection switch to 2 and hit the start button then push the prop lever for ENG 2 to idle and she starts right up. Repeat the process for ENG 1.

With my A/P set to FL180 and a VS of 1500. I was ready for take off! I taxied out to RWY 1 and throttled up. We started rolling down the runway and after crossing 140 knots, I pulled back and we were airborne! Once flaps and gear were up I turned on A/P and set the LNAV and ALT. One thing I have not been able to do is set ALT and IAS. I dont think its possible. Maybe if I set my VNAV in the FMC I might be able to figure it out.

Once I hit cruise It was photo op time.

My view from the flight deck whilst cruising.

Descending into KMCO I was hoping we would miss the impending weather but we didn’t

The winds were bad and turbulence was rough but everything smoothed out as we got lined up on final.

Ready to land on RWY 18R

My landing was absolutely horrible! As i crossed the threshold my computer froze for a brief second so I slammed the plane down hard.(most the coustomers got a refund!)

Once on the ground we got taxied to the GA ramp to park.

Overall this is a wonderful plane that requires pilot input and thought. So much different from the big jet airliners that are more automated. This AAR was a short overview really, Once I have more time in the pit with this plane I will most likely do a more detailed AAR.


I absolutely love the Dash8, having spent a ton of hours as a passenger :slight_smile:

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Really nice AAR - the FlyJSims Dash 8 is one of my favorite…and a bargain (I picked it up for that price too a few months back…) I used it in my Challenging Airports - Lugano feature in PC Pilot:

Great airplane!



great read! Flown the Dash 8 Q400 a few times from AMS to EXT and back a few times to visit relatives :slight_smile: was the first time i’ve ever flown.

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Enjoyed that - thanks @weaponz248!

Thank cockpit looks fantastic btw.

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