DaVinci Resolve 15

For those that do some video editing and are looking for something powerful, but pretty easy to pick up, and FREE! - I’ll re-recommend DaVinci Resolve 15. I’ve spent some additional time with it tonight and am amazed by the capabilities and nice workspace. It has imported pretty much anything I’ve thrown at it, detects the proper working resolution, and makes some adjustments on its own. I also like that I can copy/paste attributes from clips to other clips, so if I crop a VR clip horizontally and vertically and zoom on it, I can copy those attributes and just drop them on other clips.

I used to use Adobe Premiere, but I’m really starting to get into the flow of DaVinci Resolve 15…


Oooh! It works on Mac…!
Good find!

Sounds good!
I used the GoPro software for the few videos I made and it is a bit rudimentary.

Is that the same as creating proxy media without a separate step?

I’ve been using Resolve since version 12, I think. Very nice software, though it seems to hate the MP4s recorded by GeForce Experience. It works really well with OBS recording with the NVENC, which is strange because I’m pretty sure both the video/audio codecs used by OBS are the same as the ones used by GeForce Experience.

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Is it free?
I checked the website and is listed at 299€
Or you pay just to unlock professional functionality?

I used @BeachAV8R’s link above and see options for Free and Paid versions way down at the bottom of the page.

I’ve been using Final Cut Pro, which works well, but dislike the fact that it’s platform specific. Might try the Free version for a small project to give it a test drive.


Ty @chipwich

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Thanks. What video editing software to use in 2021?

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