DCS 1.5.4 update in stable release

Changelog for public DCS 1.5.4 version

This log is sum of previous two logs of 1.5.4 Open beta plus several new positions.

DCS World
Multiplayer. New integrity check system
Multiplayer. Reworked aircraft motion algorithms to improve resistance to lags
Multiplayer. Added an input adjustment possibility
New Campaign Builder design with multi language support
ME. Payload panel. Added skin preview in the 3D view
ME. Added new trigger UNIT’S ARGUMENT IN RANGE for checking animation argument for any 3D model in mission
ME. Added new trigger PLAYER’S UNIT ARGUMENT IN RANGE for checking animation arguments for player’s 3D model of unit in mission
ME. Added the ability to place helicopters on the ground for the cold and hot start
Encyclopedia. New 3D view
Options panel. New design
Support of hot plug of input devices now
Module manager. Added DRM button for activation/deactivation
Returned moon in the sky
Corrected animation of airshow cone
Oculus Rift. RadioCommunications and triggered messages menu font increased
Oculus Rift. Kneeboard and terrain clipping issues fixed
Oculus Rift. Oculus Zoom action added to “UI layer” input options
Oculus Rift. VR settings can now be applied without restarting GUI
AI aircraft with type “uncontrolled” will able start from an aircraft carrier
Restored wingtip trails of propeller driven aircraft. Humidity factor added
Encyclopedia. Missing 3D models for Weapon category added
AI aircraft. The visible restrictions of sensors will not inherit from previous mission. Example: if previous mission was at night the optical sensors will not have very limited range in the next daylight mission.
Updated MiG-29A model.
Empty “type” unit in ME and immortals this unit in sim (when launch mission_ver153 on branch 154)
Crash during bombing buildings fixed
User snapview saving restored
Crash while changing options fixed
In-cockpit TrackIR functionality corrected. Influence of mouse and default camera position was switched off.
AI B-1 and F-14 will not be able to fly without wing
Damaged AI aircraft will return to the nearest airfield
Corrected dogfight logic of AI WWII fighters
Sun will not be visible through objects and cockpit
Manpad AI will not ignore time for lock target
Fixed bug with all single fired shells, they will not fly-trough targets

Su-27. CN Flight Manual updated
Su-27. Added Russian training missions

DCS Fw 190
The Challenge campaign. Updated a few missions / all the briefing images
The Challenge campaign. Russian locale added

DCS L-39
Fix of causeless fire in the hangar and formation below other aircraft
Added gauges with imperial scales
L-39ZA. Gunsight will be always functional, independently by mount/unmount checkbox for L-39C

Oxygen QTY pointer will move not discrete when test oxygen button depressed

Some improvements and bug fixes for Sling load operations
The hints now in Kneeboard (later it will fully removed from screen)

Some improvements and bug fixes for Sling load operations
The hints (about Weapon status, sling load status) now replaced to Kneeboard
Now the ground crew can be called without setting an intercom, but opened Window
R-863 in default is tuned on ME frequency
Default position of the switch ДЕНЬ-НОЧЬ depends on the time of day
Fixed failures in ME
Added view on Cargo from pilot seats (LShift + LAlt + С), will tuned later
Fixed mirrors status during mission start
Parking brake fixed
After Hot start: pitot heating initialize, SARPP init state, Air Inlet Particle Separator System is initialize, GMC-1A already slaved
Human radio modulation changed to AM
Tail Rotor Control Failure, repair fixed
Add animation for Rotor Swash Plate and TailRotor Hub

DCS SA342 by Polychop
Added SA342L model featuring Gun, Rockets, new camera with only daytime view, no NVG, rockets recoil to be corrected later
Added SA342L separated manual
Now both internal cockpit pilots bodies can be hidden using RShift+P key in sequence
Corrected Flight Model in turns
Corrected Flight Model in dives
Corrected HOT3 missile to explode as soon as wire is cut
Corrected Rotor torque behavior depending on speed
Corrected pitch and roll stick sensitivity
Corrected helicopter skids behavior at ground
Now helicopter can land in grass
Now external pilots bodies don’t show when helicopter is set as uncontrolled in ME
External copilot body is still visible when helicopter is set as static in ME, will be fixed later
Corrected campaign missions to keep player current stage
Corrected COMB warning at Alarm panel and manual accordingly
Corrected Flares now reload when rearming
Corrected Engine sound not to change while in Torque test
Corrected Trimming with Magnetic brake
Corrected wool wire to correctly reflect wind direction
Corrected NADIR VENT parameter to display absolute direction the wind comes from
Corrected SAS authority during turns

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Corrected mirror far vision.
Modified Special Options interface according to new appearance.
Changed EB and CC available tasks in ME.
Added CC Sea Eagle missile launch capability for AI.

DCS Hawk by VEAO
W key fixed - both toe brakes on
Fuel burn refined
Sight glass 3d object fixed - work in progress
Sight glass holders transparency fixed
TrackIR view limits set
Canopy glass external model more transparent
Brake pressure increased to hold aircraft on full power
Parking brake keyboard and joystick shortcuts set (LCTRL+W = off, RCTRL+W = on)
Flaps changed default to F = next detent, LSHIFT+F = previous detent and renamed to Flaps group

DCS Black Shark
Animation of ejection sequence fixed
Parking brake fixed

DCS Combined Arms
VR corrected


I’m really liking this update In the cockpit. I just done a little testing, but it seems the weird jiddery sticky points are gone, at least in a few aircraft, and the camera angle freakout when you look straight up seems to be gone.

I’m not liking how TrackIR controls the external views, though. This is new, right? Or am I crazy? I can’t find the option to disable this “feature”.



I’m not a huge fan of this. Though a major consolation is the knowledge the rest of the DCS player base can experience the previously VR exclusive butt-clenching terror when trying to reacquire a bandit post merge or judge a defensive jink only to realize your neck doesn’t work like that anymore.


You see Ivan, when you cannot look back you never lose merge for fear of having no sight of bandit.

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Well then.

It would appear hours of BFM training against the AI, @klarsnow, @AeroMechanical, @Fridge and @Tyco have gotten me to a point of relative competence that I can actually survive against the AI in VR. It’s not perfect, I still hunger for a wider FoV, but it’s workable.

Now if ED can work their spooky space magic and get the pixel density shader working with the Vive so I can read the HUD, I’ll probably start flying with this far more often. Even then, the improvement of VR in DCS from just two months ago is marked.


DCS: World Release version available


[quote]DCS update 1 today in release.

DCS World
Multiplayer. Server list sorting restored
GUI. Menu music will not restarts when changing activity in the menu
GUI. AIM-9M/P will be available in payload panel
AIM-9P updated 3D model
AIM-9P5 missile was introduced. The missile has more advanced, all-aspect guidance seeker compared to the 9P variant.
Su-25T. ECM will not work without ECM pod installed
Track IR. Add option “TrackIR external views” enable/disable
Track IR. Vertical angle origin takes into account
GUI. Open/save dialogs will work faster
Input. Cell with keyboard/joystick combo will able to select after axis command has been assigned
US pilot 3D models was removed from Kuznetsov carrier
Flood light in cockpits restored
Video recording function restored
A-10’s AIM-9 missile mount corrected
Mortars will fire
Encyclopedia. Added some new weapon articles
Power lines restored
ATGM Vikhr will not be drop out of guidance channel with sidewind

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM
EFM Fix. Aerobraking while landing
PCA Fix. Radar stuck in TAS on weapons change.
INS Fixes. Next/Prev Waypoint key bind
INS. ENC (Auto Navigation) Button: Activates/Deactivates automatic waypoint update.
INS. Keybinds for BAD, REC, MRQ, VAL and ENC.
INS. MRQ selection as navigation waypoint
INS. MRQ waypoint save
INS. BAD (Offset) Navigation
VTB. Weapons load display
Cockpit. New model
Cockpit. New textures

DCS Ka-50
Aircraft repair will working on FARP

DCS MiG-15bis
Missions converted to multilanguage

Missions converted to multilanguage

DCS Hawk by VEAO
Falling-out-the-sky issue resolved[/quote]


Seriously, the single-seat trainers have the best change-logs.

Didn’t one a little while ago read something like, “Will no longer randomly catch on fire while on the ramp.”?


I’m more enjoying the P-5.

It has the seeker of an AIM-9L and the aerodynamics of an AIM-9P. It’s like the missing link of excrement between the modern and late/post Vietnam Sidewinders.

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YAY, the next one!
Currently downloading, they fixed some annoying bugs.
Let’s go testing, WOOO!

(I created that one. Bonus points if you can name where that is from, and who the guy with the hat is)

It’s from the (really good) video for the Importance of Being Idle. I think that was the very Welsh Rhys Ifans in the hat.

You get bonus points for musical taste :wink:

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Yay! Great song and great video.
Actually it has been stuck in my head for a few days now. :smiley:

btw, when I saw that actor in one of the Harry Potter movies (Luna Lovegood’s father) I thought “dammit he looks familiar” but I just couldn’t say why. Then I googled him and found out he is “that funny guy from the Oasis video”! :smiley:

Today I discover the FC-3 cockpit has been updated with connectors on some controls , some hundred connectors. A initial move to a “harcore” F-15C?

a video maked with the modelviewer.


I think that happened some time ago already.
Approximately when the new F-15C AFM was released.
ED said back then that they have a full fidelity F-15C planned, but that would be more of a long time thing. So don’t get your hopes up yet. Would like it though. :slight_smile:

Yep it’s been known for a while that the switches have been animated, they just need functions assigned to them.

It’s my speculation that the F-15C will be Belsimtek’s next (or one of the next) module after the F-5.


Really glad VEAO nailed that one down. Now…can we please get the CC from AvioDev…please!


Yeah, I like that plane so much. But without the AFM… meh.

False alarm, confirmed by Skatezilla, the conector number was present some years ago.

I have check other cockpits (Su-27 and Mig-29A) very limited conectors and mising great quantity of control animatins.

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Just did a little flyover and I like it.

DCS: World 1.5.4 Update 2 Changelog available.


DCS Update 2

The main task of today’s update is the Early Access of DCS: F-5E Tiger II

Several fixes and corrections:
Ground vehicles will not call dust effect from concrete surfaces
Su-25T. Added animation of baro altimeter failure flag
Mi-8MTV2 and UH-1H. Fixed crash when player helicopter with selected cargo is destroyed
Flaming Cliffs. Error when DRM button pressed fixed
Su-27. Incorrect Mechanical Devices Indicator fixed
MP. Added role selection window localization

DCS Hawk by VEAO
Controls indicator now shows with RCtrl+Enter
Weapons selector has been fixed
Flaps and gear down now affect flight model
Rudder yaw sensitivity has been tweaked
Aden gun pod texture added[/quote]


There is an addition to the Update 2 notes:

Known DCS F-5E bugs and inconsistencies:
IDLE RPM (Thrust) vs altitude. IDLE thrust too big at altitude.
Damaged aircraft without one wing sink smoothly.
No spin after tail slide. According to TO, when tailsliding with pitch > 70 degrees the plane should enter inverted spin.
Choсks animation linked to canopy animation on net phantom
Turn perfomance at 5000ft. Sustained turn curve has no step on 330 KIAS.
No compressor stall and flameout.
Max lift g-loads. According to TO at 5000 ft and GW 13750 the F-5 can achieve 6.0 G at M = 0.5. In simulator the plane can achieve 6.6 at M=0.5 and 7.1 at M = 0.52.
Pitch down input is too abrupt due to absence of half of the axis. stick fwd movenent is less, than aft, but the scale of joystick-virtual stick is the same for aft and fwd movement.
Missing missile excess-G marker on LCOSS.
Gunsight mode A/A1 works incorrect.
AIM-9 seeker FOV is very narrow.
RWR sound issues. No sounds are present for new radar sources
Only one attempt to lock-on after ACQ button release in radar search mode.
Radar elevation controls stop working after target lock is broken.
Lock gate cannot be controlled after severl mode switches.