DCS 1.5.6 released. Börk for the masses

Plus weekend bundle sales

DCS World 1.5.6 Available
After a couple weeks of Open Beta testing, we are pleased to release DCS World 1.5.6 today. In addition to new changes to 1.5.6 like a new a MiG-29S model, improved VR functionality, and many other items, 1.5.6 also includes numerous changes to several modules like the AJS-37 Viggen, Spitfire LF Mk, IX, F-5E, MiG-21bis, M-2000C, C-101, and several other modules.
Please view the complete 1.5.6 changelog on the DCS forum
Please use the Auto Update function to update DCS World 1.5 or download from DCS site
Our next priority will be to update DCS World 2.0 with many of these items and add the AJS-37 Viggen to DCS World 2.0.


But when will we get our PFM? :scream:

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soon, 2 weeks at most probably.

jokes aside, they released a new campaign for the A-10C as well today.