DCS 1.5 hotas key bindings change from indiv. missions to campaign.in F15

Currently I have been doing individual custom made missions to get the feel of the F15C and AA combat.
I went the other day to the campaign Bear Trap. I noticed that some of my Hotas controls are different then what I was using in the individual missions.

For example the hotas way-point button works fine in individual missions, but in the campaign that same hotas button does not response. Also the trim hotas button works fine in the individual missions but in the campaign it gives me an outside view.

I looked at the key binding control page and the they are binded to the correct key buttons, I then checked my Hotas program and they are the same.so it should work, but it doesn’t.

I tried to save the key binding buttons in DCS but the button on the options screen to save does not open. Nor can I open the load page.

Any thoughts?

Really? That’s weird. Are you certain that both missions are being flown from the same DCS installation? I know that question seems obvious but I have both the current DCS and the Beta and they access user profiles in different locations. Otherwise, the best check I can think of is to play the individual mission (where stuff works as expected) and open the control options and note the exact file name and location of the controller profile. Now open the campaign and do the same. If the profile name/location is different then simply point it to the correct name/location. Hope that helps and good luck.

As far as I know, I don’t have a beta version. I am quite sure on that.
I have opened both and made note and they are exactly the same bindings.

I also went to the campaign and opened the profile and deleted and reentered the key bindings and same issue. I was looking at different commands to see if they are duplicated but don’t see any.