DCS 1.5 Smoke trails problem

So I dont know how long I have been having this issue, all I know is it used to not like like this, but when I launch a missile or start con trailing the smoke effect seems to come out in puffs?

now I don’t know if this a known bug maybe with the new update or something on my end and I have missed it in the ED forums but does anyone have a fix or any information on this?
-Will update with more pics and my settings-

I am pretty sure its a bug, I need to check and see if its reported.

Can you share a track, and I can view on my system tonight and see if I see the same thing?


Yeah Ill try and get a track to you soon.


Thanks, no hurry, I cant look at it till tonight anyways.

Sorry, forgot to reply here, this had been reported, and I believe already fixed internally.

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Cheers for that, nice to know its probably dealt with.

Any AMD users having the same problem. In your Radeon Settings a.k.a CCC, make sure you have Tessellation mode on “use application settings”.

This fixed the issue for me.

More than 4 years later in DCS 2.5.5 this thread was great in helping me to fix my cotton ball smoke trails.
For Tessellation Mode - Use Application Setting still works.
AMD Optimized Mode Also works.
Finally, if you use Override Application Settings the Smoke Trails look best at 8x or greater level of tessellation. Cheers


It’s official! Mudspike :mudspike: is a treasure trove of information!
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