DCS 2.5 Update Thread (2018)

I wouldnt recommend this mod to get them working, but you can see here that people managed to, so you get a peek at the DDI screen. In Open Beta they are really rough, so even if you get them working, they might not work, or cause crashes, etc.


Havent had much trouble with them like crashes or so. Did find them janky when it comes to locking on and slewing.

Looking forward to wednesdays’ patch!

Great, so now I have to look at that grayed out F-14 on my DLC list everytime I open DCS… :slight_smile:

Tremendous help for the anxiety…


Wow, people forget the A-10A used Mavs with no TPOD for decades…


Any different from how the Harrier uses them? I find them pretty easy to use there.

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Yup, poor mans TGP :slight_smile:

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The only exceptions include:

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Of note, this is our first separate sale of the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet outside of a bundle deal.


That explosion in the first 5 seconds represents my wallet I guess. :slight_smile:

For those that can’t work youtube, 50% off everything, with Hornet/Persian Gulf at 25%.


Gonna re-buy the Huey. Never should have sold it…

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I’m in for one. Maybe that jumpjet thing that everybody complains about isn’t finished.

It really says a lot about DCS that these real pilots hop in and then get all worried about their perceived poor performance. They don’t say “this is a totally unrealistic game and I’m a haxxor pilot”. They say “I haven’t been a haxxor pilot for 2 years and I’m not used to the controls. Have mercy, I’m still cool”.

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I particularly like what he said there :slight_smile:

I wish I had this game when I was … you know … growing up


Another new airbase coming this week is Jiroft airfield. This airfield is located roughly between
Bandar Abbas on the coast and Kerman airfield.


does this extend the size of the map? looks like its substantially farther north. Nice update.

It’s been that far north for a few months now

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still alive in the football playoffs, so i havent been playing much since august. Looking forward to the updates, and the sale.

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If 50% off includes the Yak, I’ll probably bite. Same with Normandy.

I think it said only the Hornet and Gulf were exceptions, at 25% off.