DCS 2.5 with PXN-2119 Hotas

Hi all,

I recently got back into flight sims after a looong time. Last I played was Strike Commander!

I picked up a Chinese brand HOTAS, the PXN-2119 to use with DCS 2.5. So far I’m quite liking the stick, it is pretty sturdy, responsive and accurate. I however have a problem I hope you guys could help me with. On my throttle, there is a 2nd POV hat and two rotary axis, X & Y. I wanted to map these to use for trimming my rudder & elevators and a few other functions. While the device driver recognizes these buttons as POV2 and Rotary X, Rotary Y, I can’t find these options in the DCS 2.5 key bindings options. All my buttons on my stick and throttle are recognized but not these 3. Does anyone use this stick or know of a work around? I’m still practicing with the TF-51 and SU-25. Planning to get the P51 and FC3 once I’ve proficient with the basics.



Welcome @IamTinCan Cool handle by the way. The top left of your screen. Instead of button assignements, you need axis. Go in there and you will find what you seek. Just open say, Rudder trim and either move the axis on the joystick you want to assign or use the pull down menu.

Hope that helps. Welcome to the forums!


@Maico Thanks! hehe I’ve been running with this handle since i started gaming. Used to play Silent Hunter and since destroyers were nicknamed Tincans and I like destroying stuff… hahaha

Righto! I’ll try to figure that settings menu per your instructions tonight!

Hello @IamTinCan and a warm welcome to Mudspike :mudspike:
My advice is to listen to @Maico and watch this video

Welcome to Mudspike!

I so wanted to play Strike Commander as a kid, but one of the floppies in my set was unrecoverable bad. I am still grumpy today.


Funny how such experiences shaped us, growing up!
But we got pretty good at solving technical problems.
Newer generations…?
My daughter, this morning: ”Dad, my TV lost the internet connection. Can you fix it?”
And dad does what dads do… :wink:


@Troll & @Maico

Thanks guys!!! I managed to figure it out. Assigned the various additional axis. will have to adjust the sensitivity later as a slight twist of the rotary sends my trim all the way to each end. Sure way to crash out. The POV2 buttons though aren’t yet assigned. I don’t see the POV2 buttons in the drop down list for buttons assignment. Will figure it out!

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Thanks dude! Looking forward to learning more from you guys!

Yeah, Strike Commander was the one that I felt I enjoyed the most. Before that I had Microprose’s F-15 Strike Eagle and after SC, I had Falcon 4.0.

X-wing vs Tie Fighter is another one that really was memorable.

Welcome to Mudspike @IamTinCan.

Just find your controller in the columns and double click on the command that you want to change. This opens another window and you press the button, on the controller, that you want to use for this command.

I don’t have that Throttle column. But it turns out, that my POV2 is a 4 way hat and is recognized as Buttons 17 - 20. So managed to fix the assignments. But my DCS seems to be randomly hanging after I started assigning the additional axis and buttons.

Nonetheless thanks for the guidance guys! Gonna go back to flight school for the weekend. haha

No, that’s just an example. You pick the column for th controller you’ve got.

Getting your license?

Virtual flight school. LOL. I went to flight school in my late teens but stopped after my 1st solo cos I couldn’t manage it plus my A level exams. Wasn’t mature enough back then.

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