DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)


Playing around with the explosion textures.

The Malaysian Air Force made it onto my MiG-29.

China too.

More from 1993.

MiG-29SMT in the morning.


Absolutely gorgeous screenshots Texac! Is the last one edited?

Testing the recently released airshow objects mod
The ferris wheel, Gyro loop and swing ride are animated, the stage as a light show going.

You never know what life has in store for you, one day you’re relaxing at a fun fair and the next day you’re in a refugee camp


Thank you!

Is the last one edited?

Yes, the last one was made lighter so you can actually see something.


Oh I see, I thought the background was actually from a real pic.
Great job on those liveries too, looking forward to them :slight_smile:


Harrier running an improvised intercept with Bugs, then returning in bad weather:


Some screenshots that did not make it into my AAR (Wednesday Fibre: F/A-18C Loft Bombing Mission (screenshot heavy)):



Couple random shots from the nights flight.


Peacekeeping in Iran.
(read with a strong russian accent - good excuse for typos and my exotic english)

Our deployment started with a tragedy when our main barge carrier for the mission hit a loosen moored mine while entering the Strait of Hormuz. It was carrying 150 troops, 6 Mi-8s detached for the mission aswell as their weapons and maintenance equipment.
The ship sunk in less than 20 minutes, only 3 members of the crew survived.

Although not directly accused, the Iranians took upon themselves to replace the lost equipment.
They provided us with 4 Mi-8, actually old iraqi ones obtained from the IQAF fleeing during the gulf war, a handful of APC’s and a few dozens of trucks and 4x4.

This is us.
On the left, Alexander Sohkov, my copilot:

A real playboy this Alexander, don’t let your daughter -or their mothers- anywhere near him!
He always wears his Raybans, I don’t think I’ve seen his eyes since the beginning of our deployment here.
Sitting inbetween us, our flight engineer, Boris Yanuhkovich:

Boris isn’t really of the funny kind but I wouldn’t want anyone else for this mission. This old Mi-8 really needs his +20 years of experience.

And myself. I usually only wear the mustache during the winter months
Although, technically it is winter, it’s hotter than the russian summer.

The aforementioned Mi-8.

Boris and the ground crews spent an entire week working on it and it’s the only one of the 4 provided to us by the iranian that is actually flight worthy at this stage.

Our quarters are located on the Qeshm island at Camp Troitsa

A small refugee camp with very little accomodations.

Today, we’re leaving the camp for a mission on the Iranian mainland. A routine inspection of a weapon factory.

Before meeting up with our escort, a Mi-24, and picking the UN inspectors in Bandar Abbas we were asked to evacuate a container filled with weapons from a merchant ship seeking to enter the Bostanu harbor.

With the heavy container hanging under our belly we headed towards our colleagues ashore.
The weapons would be loaded onto trucks and stored in one of our hangar before destruction.

With that done we headed towards Havadarya airport to pick the inspectors

During the short flight to Havadarya, the weather had turned bad. We had to deal with some serious crosswind over the runway. But the landing was smooth, a reassuring sight for the inspectors I guess

They were already waiting for us on the ramp. Thank god, for once we wouldn’t have to wait for some paper work to be done. Everything always required paperwork with UN missions…

Следва продължение…
или не…



Weathering is love, weathering is life


Camel Trophy…DCS style :slight_smile:


I might be in love, so nimble and fun and easy to toss around!


So hang on, you’re saying it IS possible to land it in one piece?


Is that a race like where Tusken Raiders take pot shots at you as you cross the desert?


Very much so.
But insteand of Tusken Raiders it’s some infantry with AK’s, mortars, self-propelled artillery and a couple of B-52s :smile:

Not that much enjoyable in SP as the AI is struggling to keep a steady pace but I really liked following them as the “TV helicopter”.
I guess it could be quite fun in MP with a sufficient amount of players, I made it so the shortest path is also the deadliest.

And now I have a proper skin for the TV bird


Yep, the trick is to land it like an aircraft you see!

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So, I’m home tonight, and have beer that needs finishing…


Finally got the A-10C after all these years



Starting to learn the Viggen.

…and I pulled a @Hangar200 on my first landing attempt. I thought I had the thrust reverser engaged, but I was definitely still accelerating…

(nobody tell @Troll)