DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)

Shall we dump them here?


Still one of my favorite modules for just plain old flying around. The cockpit has a “familiar” feel to it since it resembles closely one of the old Sperry avionics King Airs I used to fly. Once this baby gets the AFM and the CC model comes out…I’ll be in heaven!


Where are the jaggie mountains?


Jumped in the cockpit and wife began texting that she needs a rescue. Only had time for one…


Decisions. Decisions. How dire is the circumstance? LOL…

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Was trying to get some up close helicopter screens near the Roki Tunnel…to show off some of the smoother geometry up there…but I kept crashing the Huey. Guess the altitude is a bit much for a ham-fisted helo pilot… I must say, the trees swaying in the wind is a pretty nice effect…

The beginning of a sequence of events that did not end well for anyone…


Be honest you weren’t pulling for power there… I can see it. I just can see it.


Oh and by the way- if any of you has one of my personalized textures, please let me know if this updaet broke anything.

Thanks, carry on.


Unedited images. Using the DCS settings video preset to High and left everything else as is.


Oh my god… that lighting!!!


My thoughts exactly. They’ve really fixed up that into the sun view at different times of the day. Noticed it right away. Just a spectacular visual flying experience.

You guys are runing ‘sliders to the right’ setings I gues.
Because what I see on medium-high setings is nowhere near satisfactory :frowning:

I dont know if it is not updated graphic drivers or what…




I mean it is not that bad, but definitely need to tune it.

Will put it on Ultra High or similar and will cut the corners to find the aceptable performance.

…sick day incoming…

Could you enjoy 2.5 a bit less please? People need to work, you know? :wink:


We should have a Mudspike pact.
Nobody get to fly 2.5 until everybody has downloaded it… :wink:


Hawk is looking good…but needs some work on the reflective textures…they seem to have a sort of metallic sheen to them…


What I have found with 2.5 low with the mi-8 Caucuses just in my small play time.

Small roads in forest areas. Roads are hard to see and find. You need to be looking in the direction of the road. This will make spotting targets very hard to find. Dropping weapons on them even harder.

I did not see one misplaced tree on the road which is great.

Rivers. Small rivers are also hard to spot in densely forested areas. Quite rightly so. I have also seen sections of river where the river breaks out of the forest and still has a line of trees on either side. Very nice indeed.

Another big difference to rivers and water in general is they now have depth. In the sun, you can see textures on the bottom and judging height above water is far better now. Also hovering above the water over the coast, there were nice concentric ripples formed from my downwash. Great touch.

Visual reference flying is going to be tougher now in the helo’s in dense forests, but that is great in my book. Very immersive.

The tree colours are beautiful. Autumn time afternoon settings. Nice difference of green yellows and browns.

Looks especially beautiful over large forests.

Banking hard between the tree lines

grass is nice too.

Small rivers can be hard to find.

Here you can see the river leaving the forest but still has a row of trees either side.

Lovely colours of the forest this time of year on a clear day

Small roads hard to find too !!! Finding moving targets here and attacking them, not so easy me thinks.

Ripples on the water

I have had a bit of a hit on performance side of things. But I have had my tree slider up to 75% gives me a playable frame rate with some preload microstutters here and there. But still very workable.

All in all, flying the Mi-8 around was a visceral and inviting experience. I wasn’t even bothered about having nothing to drop off/attack/pick up. I was so happy that trees make you go boom and are very very fun to fly low around. The extra challenges of navigation and target acquisition are welcomed. I was very happy with my experience and certainly look forward to some great online play especially in the pull for power category.

Its a great update to Caucuses and Good job ED.

Would look nicer with an F-111 flying low.


Surely in a f111 the ground would just be a blur :grin:

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