DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)


The new flak effects are pretty sweet. They got the size of the puffs right too. You can’t tell from this but it looks really good when it detonates close to you.



Great write up. I am now on 99% and my wife has lots of work to do. Dogs are exercised so I may don my facemask of joy soon :smiley:



Does your plane shake and do bits fall off when the flak is very close ?



Yep, sure does. I think a jolt and surprise from a close burst is one of the things that made the flak in B-17: The Mighty Eighth great. I’m not sure if I like the shake yet or not. I guess I’ll have to evaluate it a few times when I don’t know it is coming.

I’m just glad the environment is finally coming together. Today is the first time I have flown a WWII mission and it matched what I saw in my head a year ago.



Boom Boom Shake the room :wink:



Drop this 4K 8x MSAA or shall i say FXAA bomb in here :slight_smile:



ITALIAN NAVY in action !



Still just amazed at how gorgeous 2.5 is looking…

All that is old is new again…

The grass and lighting…just incredible. Makes me feel like I should be able to walk out there in the trees and evade troops like you can in Arma…



Any shot of 2.5 at sea just makes me even happier that we’re getting naval aircraft like the F-18 and the F-14.



Ok guys, I tried 2.5 last night and… well it looks nohting like @BeachAV8R shots.
The main problem is the lighting, everything is completely flat shaded.

Yes, before anyone else says it, all is on HIGH or ULTRA or top’o the slider to the right…

I read just now that some people suggest turning OFF deferred shading, having a go and turning it on back again…

Has anyone had any problem with that?



I did that once in 2.1 because it looked and played poorly. When reverting back to DS it was much smoother, prettier and the lighting was fixed. Also had a go once or twice of deleting the metashaders cache and letting it build back. Especially when I changed my GFX card and also when I rolled back Nvidia drivers

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I found all my probable solutions here:



Ok I have had a good go at mucking about on this checking FPS and found some anomalies. Tested with Mi-8

I did not use the command prompt “…\bin\dcs_updater.exe cleanup” or “…\bin\dcs_updater.exe repair” Instead I used @Skatezillas tool for cleanup. Maybe that does the same or different?

After renaming and building a new OPTIONS.LUA and METASHADERS file, I noticed this anomaly to the kneeboard where you can’t read it.

replacing the folder with my old shader folder seemed to cure this problem. Interesting to know if anyone else experiences the same.

For me, absolutely nothing gained in FPS.

Here is what I tested.

New options.lua and new Metashaders 30fps tree top level over large forest.
New options.lua and old Metashaders 30fps same spot
Old options.lua and new Metashaders 30fps same spot
Old options.lua and old metashaders 30fps same spot but at least I could read the kneeboard.

I would be interested to know what if anything is changing with this and if anyone else is seeing benefits.

Unless I did something wrong, these “tweaks” provided no noticeable improvement and the loss of the kneeboard.



What is interesting on your Mi8 cockpit shot is the overall brightnes and clearnes. Could you pls take same cockpit shot from instant mission Free Flight? Btw whats your Gamma? thx

I recreated the metashaders folder and set the AA in the nVidia setings, moved the sliders right and left… and got lost :slight_smile:



7 screenshots, some of my favourite… chosen from already 311 images.



Sweet mother of god, those look awesome!



Hopped on a MP server just for a bit to see how it works. The initial spawning in took a loooong time to load textures (like four or five minutes) and I thought it was hung…but it actually worked. Once in…I was getting pretty solid 60FPS, with occasional hiccups as other things happened on the server.

I have to admit I’m disappointed that the FARP landing mat graphics weren’t updated. I’ve never liked these PSP mats…the holes seem like they are too big (like if you had to walk across it, your entire foot would go in). I don’t know if they are accurate or not…but I prefer mods that change it. Unfortunately, the mods cause an integrity check fail for MP…

The rest of the world looks insanely good though…

That terrain looks like it could be Western North Carolina in the winter…



It is:

[X] Dark
[ ] Not Dark



Mmmm…scary… Over the ocean at night…scary +



I’m inclined to agree with where you’re going with that. But I would assert that knowing I am over hills, and these hills have trees, and these trees hurt, and I can see exactly none of them was scarier than trying to land on the boat.


Don’t tell Bogus, but I have a growing need for an F-111.