DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)



My god man, you are this close to selling me a yak lol.



… stop… I already have modules I don’t fly!

glares at sale




Great pics!

The good ol’ huey


On my way to deliver some presents to an Insurgent camp.

Bom…er…Presents away!

Look! They turned on their Christmas lights for me!


Merry christmas y’all!

I received a lovely christmas gift from @anklebiter and it is not easy to do basic flight stuff such as taxiing, takeoff and landing with it :wink:


Coming up next, the M.A.D Mi-8 :smiley:


Awesome stuff. I would love this skin if you don’t mind sharing. As @near_blind is going to be making lots of helo missions (yes you are) this would be great for AAR’s and stuff !!!

I would like it more than once but @discobot is limiting me. Can I like this more than once @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Better not tell you now


Hmmm Okay, how about more pictures of F-111’s. Would you like that @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: It is certain


Good robot… very good robot


The first modules that I got for DCS were the BlackShark and A-10C and quite frankly I was way in over my head. Then I got FC3 and got to work learning the A-10A. I returned to my roots the other day by taking some time away from the AV8 and F18 and flying the old A-10A again. Other then the fact that I felt like I was sitting still in midair I had a lot of fun going in old school on some targets.

Uh oh…

Also… impressively still sailing to cut off an attack…

Impressively still standing after a GBU-12 hit…


Here it is :slight_smile:

and 2 edited versions of the same pic:


sigh…no, most certainly…


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While making the MAD skin, I thought it’d be a cool SAR scheme and gave it a try:

It’s nice because it also offers a backstory to the MAD skin, as a refurbished SAR helo.
Well, an old one, of course

I’m still wondering what country it should belong to.