DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)


For greater justice, your work is of glorious quality and a credit to workers paradise! Today, we shall have patience and not send you to gulag to work harder :stuck_out_tongue: :cccp:



Your screenies remind me of the models I made of planes, 50 years ago. Loved to paint the pilots and cockpits, the insides of the wheel wells and bomb bays. Testors paint and tiny brushes were the thing back then, along with decal set solution. From there the models hung from the ceiling on fishing line.

We’ve come a long way, baby!

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dayum! We really need a “double like” button or something. I’ve rarely seen a bare metal skin so well done!

Thanks! the CAP is also one of my favorite in the lot.
Today I tried to apply a couple of new things I had discovered while doing the Ace Of Spades livery and it turned out quite nice, me thinks.



Did some training flights with @whareagle today in the hornet.

prepping up our jets.

To the starting blocks.

all geared up!

Rolling in on the IP. The targets for today are positioned on Hengam Island, the small island currently in view.

Pickle on some poor trucks. Whareagle is still going after his targets.

No truck on this island is safe from us.

Formed up as Whareagle is on his way down to drop his last bomb.

The hurting ain’t over as whareagle dispenses some good old cannon ammo.

In the pattern as Whareagle is already rearming.

been ages since I actually landed this jet on land! Forgot how floaty float float the ground effect is.

ready for round 2.

on our way back to the IP

Rolling in for my attack, Whareagle who is already winchester is giving chase and provides protection.

Store seperation at 65 degrees nose down.

good hits…

Looks like somebody went OOPS :sweat_smile:

proper bending at the knees this time around :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!



My little boy currently has a Victor k2 refuelling a vulcan guarded by a lightning. A kc10 refuelling a tomcat D. A VC10 tanking a jaguar and a tornado ADV. And a kc135r at a SAVAGE angle of attack in formation with a mustang spitfire and a p40c as I haven’t finished the b52g or the b1b it’s meant to be refuelling. Oh and a tu22m flying with a mig 29… He loves his bedroom airshow lol



Comrade! Bare Metal Fulcrum liveries are uploaded to the User Files.

I hope you are going to enjoy them, because I do and I’m extremely satisfied with the results.

You can fly with USSR, China, Iraq and North Korea.





You always remember your first kill…

I think my helicopter has had too much to drink…

Somebody slipped some FSX into my DCS!

Cool Shots



Yes sir, welcome to the fold. You are now card-carrying member of hero sniper pilots of Soviet Union. May the wings of the workers’ revolution carry you to glory and keep you away from gulag!




EMERATES. Love it! Let me know when you find a quintas and Brotish airways :joy::joy:

Incidentally are they destructible? I have seen the ones parked up at at Las Vegas Airport and I haven’t tried a strafe on them yet!
Is this a sign of age and maturity setting in? When I was younger that would of been the very first thing I tried to do!



Some Yak pics of wip liveries…for a change
Old and new



There is a reason you never see a bare metal MiG-29.



Took the Yak for a quick first flight - just the standard livery, though. Need to go get some of those amazing skins - such great work, @EightBall! Still, DCS is very pretty these days, isn’t it. :slight_smile:



Air sick

Not in my plane! Bye sucker




PROTIP: If you’re flying the front seat and bail out, you can still control the aircraft. Then you can crash into someone else and absolve yourself of all responsibility!



You mean when flying solo?



Er… Yes. Only when flying solo. Never with more than one person in the aircraft, haha!



ahah, yeah sorry, I wasn’t sure because when flying in duo, you switch back to the plane after bailing out.
Didn’t know it worked in solo :smile:



They fixed it from the last time I flew it, now both my pilots vanish into nothingness upon bailout. After they transition to WW2 RAF pilots! Also, the backseater bailed out in a flat spin and landed on the belly of the aircraft, then vanished.

Glorious motherland delta wood, more strong than capitalist plane of the rotor, make perfect vertical landing in great forest of wood. Make repair parts from tree, fly like true soviet plane of the design.

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Guilty of this. Had a B-17, F-4, F-117, A-10 and a B-25 on my ceiling growing up.