DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



Testing out @EightBall’s skin. I love the details on the flaps and such.

DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)
DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)

I was in Vegas for a Red Flag. There was a USMC Hornet squadron there too. When they went to the O’club in their flight suits, they all switched their velcro name tags to ones that read 2Lt Mark Johnson, USMC. It seems that Mark Johnson was the CO’s name…something about plausible deniability if there was any trouble…even the Australian exchange pilot had the name tag.

Perhaps your wayward LTs did something similar. :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad you like it :slight_smile:

I made a few more:


USAF Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron

Arctic and Arctic Splinter Camo

Russian Blue Camo

And a simple black one


Hermann Graf 1943


That looks like a poster I’ve seen hanging in FBOs. I think it was a Spitfire though…


Wow, they are quite similar

Both beauties :slight_smile:


War is Brewing

This is another small preview of a Campaign I’m making on the Persian Gulf map. Still figuring out if I want to use the Hornet or the Tomcat as a base…





@Bogusheadbox, @Tyco and I messing around with some low-level ingress.


A short little bit of island hopping tonight.

This is covered by the company insurance… right?


You and I are in the same boat tonight…!


Don’t worry, @Cygon_Parrot is working day and night to ensure to company never ran out of money :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a few more liveries for the Yak. Who would have thought?
3 liveries inspired by the US Army Bird Dog, if the Yak is going to be used as an AFAC, might aswell look like one

Another one inspired by the Bird Dog: Civil Air Patrol - Rescue

A set of 3 weathered (but not too much!) liveries: Next Stop, Duxford! (for restoration, not the airshow :sweat_smile:

And another purely fictional one, in pristine condition! Ace Of Spades


You are on a roll! Great looking skins! I really like the CAP Rescue one and the general worn ones.


Continuing on the hunt for the missing JO’s. Stopped and ‘borrowed’ a Las Vegas PD bird, so as to keep a lower profile. Don’t want to spook the locals. Or the lost lieutenants.

When we’re picking up the new bird, I find out it’s even worse than I originally thought. Apparently, our officers took some Ukranian officers on exchange along, promising to show them a good time…

Also, Pvt. “Lunchbox” Larrimore apparently ‘liberated’ a Deuce and a half in his attempt to bring back enough Double-Doubles for the whole company. And promptly got lost.

Flying over the 15, and we located Lunchbox in short order. Completely in the wrong part of town from the nearest In-N-Out.

We set down nearby, telling Lunchbox to meet up with us to continue to look for the lost officers…

TO be continued…


I would love a FC/MAC level Su-34 and MiG-31. That may be the only way to get any more Russian jets at this rate.


If we ever get a highly detailed russian aircraft, I hope that it will be the MiG-29.

This MiG-29 is oriented after all the bare metal aircraft like the MiG-15, 19 and 21. There is some small fine tuning left but the screenshots below show a pretty much complete result, and an amazing one to me.


I vote hornet!


Ooooh, me gusta! I can haz? I liken mah mig nekkid :smiley:


Patience comrade, need to make more vodka on it.

I hope for tomorrow.