DCS 2.7 AIM-120 Experiment

Yeah but you have to create a SPI first, which makes it realistic.

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Using the helmet and a pod, it’s pretty much what @jross describes. Also, Petrovich and George in the Mi-24 and AH-64 already pretty much do what he wants as well. I don’t see a problem with it really, but then I fly with dot labels so yeah :wink:


But what if you don’t have those devices? In my P47 all I’ve got are some goggles and a leather helmet. You cover that situation and you cover me in any era - it’s a visual thing.

So many times, in the Hornet at least, I’ve found something to attack, right under me and my wingman (still carrying a full load of MK-82’s for instance) either “Unable’s” me or it flies off to some target it thinks is better.

Even when I go through the motions of moving away, using the pod to designate (if I have one - it might be such that these things aren’t available), then “Engage My Target” I get “Unable”.

This is when task = CAS/Ground Attack, etc. In fact the task shouldn’t have anything to do with it: If he has a bomb and I (the leader - “boss”) tell him to bomb, he should do so.

A “Rookie” AI might respond, “uh, what?”, or “I’m scared, you go”. Your ACE wingman might say, “Roger that, hold my beer”… Just for grins :slight_smile:

Even if it’s just a point on the ground. Or try to. And I should be able to help him.

I’m not a BVR guru (It’s fun sure) but I’d imagine in the WVR arena this might be handy too. Not really thought that out but…

Lets say: suddenly there’s 2 hostiles, right, 3 O’clock. With a human I’d [try to] yell out, “bandits, right 3, I’ll take the left one, you take the one on the right”. Now, how’d you do that with an AI? Could be done I’m sure but if you look at it and click the “hit that” button, your AI wingman, based on the Skill Level of course, now knows what to [try to] do.

Seems a lot easier than to code voice recognition or punching a LOT of buttons to communicate with an AI.


I don’t fly those but it sounds like the mechanism is mostly there. Or has been done somewhere.

You got me convinced.

Animated GIF


:rofl: :rofl:

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@fearlessfrog Time for another test run?

Anyone tried the 120 in the latest patch?

I haven’t seen feedback on that anywhere, nor the mysterious “HOTAS Improvement” to the Viper.