DCS 2.7 Missions

Hey all,

Starting this thread as I was suggested. Purpose is to gather missions in one single place, easy for all to access.

Here’s my contribution:
It’s around 700MB of files so visit the drive link above and download the zip.
Mainly F-16 COOP missions but they can easily be converted to single or 4 player coop via the editor.

Merry Xmas.

I know this thread hasn’t seen much action lately, but how about resurrecting it?

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Adding a link here to what I believe are the best dynamic DCS missions I ever played.
It’s by a user called Surrexen, truly outstanding effort has gone into this. Also, a fantastic job with voice overs.

Is anyone here good enough to help me recreate all the mission of the old A-10 Tank Killer Dynamix game in DCS with the A10A?


Have you got the original mission files ? If so then replace the A10c with the A model

Uhm, I see I wasn’t clear. :smiley:

This A-10 Tank killer missions.
A-10 Tank Killer (PC/DOS) 1989-91, Dynamix, Inc


Oh dear xxx sorry. Never played it. I was just getting into mega drive around that time. Sonic and the like. I remember a 2d chopper game too. Desert strike IIRC

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Hahaha no worries! :smiley:

They should all be fairly simple, no fancy scripting needed right? I would love to collaborate, and do Falcon AT as well.

Iirc dynamix’ tank killer had quite a bit of voice work, didnt it? We’d need to rip those bits out and resample to .ogg for integration into dcs missions scripts.


Yeah exactly, I’m thinking how far to push things.
The most complicated part is check on the original game what variants were there because there was in fact a way to make different things happening - depending on how bad or good you were…

Thats easy, you can make dcs choose what mission to load depending on score on the previous one. The hard part is disecting the game and making precise notes on what happens when.


Oh no, I meant during the mission.

That we can do as well, with flags and triggers. Deconstructing the original becomes a little more work, especially if you don’t have access to the mission files in a readable form. It means playing and replaying them while carefully noting what and when and where.

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Tacveiw would work after the fact

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Not sure you can run tacview on an ancient dos game :wink: