DCS 2.7.X Video Thread

So, when you guys call it a mod, does that mean module or modification that builds upon an existing DCS module, like some of the FC3 mods that are out there?
It looks more like the A-4 is a freeware module…
Interesting that they seem to have made it work with DCS:Supercarrier, or am I reading that wrong?


Ah, you do have a point, definitely.

Yes it is a standalone module.

I still use the word mod to avoid confusion with official modules that can be downloaded through the module manager and are updated automatically through the DCS Updater. The A-4E is a mod in the sense that you mod your game and have to keep it updated yourself.

But free unofficial standalone aircraft module would be more correct.


I wonder why it’s unofficial? They claim to have an EFM and supercarrier compatibility, if I understood that correctly. Sounds like they have support from ED…?

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They are figuring everything out on their own and do not use the official SDK. IIRC, that was also what complicated or made it even impossible to have working radios. They might have hacked their way around that by now, not sure anymore with all the stuff they are unexpectedly able to put in.

The main blocking reason for them not to turn this into an official module is that this was not allowed by McDonnel Douglas, who still own the IP of the A-4, and they accepted those terms when they started work on the mod. Also the reason there is no way to donate to the devs


I’ve been following this project since at least 2016. I heartily recommend the mod to everyone: since the first version 2.0 alphas the flight model is really amazing. Can’t wait to see what they added in the last year.


Great mod. The radio limitation is a factor. Seems 90% of the work to get it to “release” state is complete. I’d pay for it. I see no diff. tween it and something like the F-5? Wonder how much of the MSRP the official license from McD’ would be?

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You are triggering some old memories. This must have been back in 2014, but I remember VEAO being in talks with McD about an official DCS A-4 (they had some 3D models from a former mechanic with a ludicrously detailed engine) and they said it was “not feasible”. By now we know how optimistic they were so that’s enough of an answer for me.

Let’s be thankful for this free A-4, this may be all the Skyhawk we ever get in DCS.

I have really really wanted to donate to the community A-4E team, especially when gospadin passed, who was the lead dev on the project. But that is unfortunately not possible in any way due to legal reasons, so let’s listen to the devs:

No, we cannot accept donations, but we appreciate your words of support! There are so many good causes out there. Consider donating to one of those instead!

If you are unsure where to donate, have a look at GiveWell’s top charities for opportunities to save the most people/health per dollar (prices as low as an estimated $3k - $4k for saving a life) or the top charities of animal charity evaluators if you too are convinced animals are capable of suffering.


And it’s not like there’s too little of it!


Couple of guys wanted to try the mod. I was accompanying them in my Tomcat:

Lead Skyhawk also took some pictures xD


Great shots :+1:
But why weren’t you…

top gun GIF



A DCS World movie by Hornet Productions. It is 52 minutes long but well worth it so grab some popcorn and a drink of choice…enjoy. :slight_smile:

Best watched in 4k.


H-60 mod edit I couldn’t host to YT because of copyright issues. If Dtube is sus for you guys I’ll delete the post. Link only since it can’t embed.

Voodoo 60

Not sure if this has already been posted here but here it is. Beautifully done.


This was on v1.0


That module is so well done, I’d love to see an Osprey, Chinook, Bronco, AH-1Z Viper from the same group.


YES! Not sure why I love that one (again not, yet, a big Choppa guy). Guess I saw so many growing up. And an old friend, way back, flew them (he had a REALLY big watch - funny the things you remember). Got to sit in it. Felt like I was sitting on a 2X4, with another 2X4 overhead.

Hey (to no one in particular). Since this is a DCS 2.7 Video thread, is this a good place to link to a couple of vid’s I’m putting up, concerning my “lil creation” (semi-dynamic campaign-like, sorta thing)? Gotta come up with a better name…

I’ll warn ya, I’m NOT a video creator. I find it sort of bothersome, but might be the best way to ‘unleash’ something.