DCS 2.8

Since deciding to spend a bit more time getting familiar with the Hornet, I made myself some “cheat sheet” kneeboard pages to aid my ailing memory.

Posting here for similarly challenged members to use as they like!

PS don’t blame me if you crash ‘n’ burn after using these! :grin:
They are not following any official list or such-like, just what i have learned from tutorial missions, guides, Wag’s videos and practice flights.

For start-up I haven’t included setting radios cos it’s pretty simple even for me! Plus ATC calls for same reason.

**edit: I forgot to mention - I have some quick notes on many lines and they are things I thought up to help me, but may not be clear to others - just ask if unsure - I also used the A-10 style MFD button/OSB numbering system as it’s what I know best and makes it easier for me to find them quickly (so starting with top left as OSB1).

**something else I just noticed - when I mention “compass” I am referring to the HSI


The best thing about the Hornet–after going through all those start up steps you need to refuel before take off or risk running out! :smirk:


I like your work @Johnny!

Checklists and kneeboards really help me learn a module or weapon system, especially using them in OpenKneeboard in VR. My favorite set of checklists for the Hornet specifically are the ones by Minsky/DimOn:

He includes a quick-start one-page that includes just the required items to get going, as well as HAFU and RWR symbology, lots of good stuff. Basically with the complete F/A-18C kneeboard package, a pilot has nearly all the bits of knowledge required to fly/fight the Hornet at their fingertips. Which reminds me- looks like there’s an update since I downloaded it last.

He’s also got similar packages for other aircraft, and a great set of nav charts for various theatres, all in the same well-thought-out format.


I don’t really need them for the Hornet anymore, but I sure keep them loaded up and handy. Wish he’d made one for the Strike Eagle.


Can anyone tell me what happens when you run a mission that points to a custom skin you haven’t got? Does it just show a default paint or do we get one of those horrid orange things we got in the old days? Or even worse - an error?

You’re going to get the default skin :slight_smile:


That’s great, thanks :+1:

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Sounds like the next patch will be a milestone and give us DCS 2.9
"At this time we do not have a date to share for the next patch, we are currently in a merging and testing cycle to prepare for the next patch.

Please keep an eye on the patch status forum post linked in my signature.

thanks "




Wonder if this is the one that gets us the new graphics goodies: Vulkan and DLSS


We might see the first iterations of those or more likely it’s further work on multi core. I think they have to work more on the optimisation otherwise the AI for the dynamic campaign could bring everything to a slide show … and I think that will be the big 3.0 update


:rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:

some goodies on the way in 2.9


Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends, :pilotfly:

DCS 2.9 is coming soon! You can expect to see the all-new Voice Chat Radio features, warbird improvements, new 3D models including the S-300, the S-3B, the B-1B, B-52H, support for Nvidia DLSS and much, much more! Please read the details below to see what’s in store.

Also in progress are Multiplayer GUI updates that will improve spawn point selection. Currently, the new functionality is being reviewed internally and will soon be released to a larger testing group.

We are incredibly thankful and grateful to our talented community of artists who have taken part in the B-17G Livery Competition. The top five entries will receive the following prizes:

1st place: 3 modules

2nd to 5th place: 1 module of choice.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

DCS 2.9


Included in the latest DCS 2.9 build are five months of development work that you have not yet had the opportunity to see. We are thankful to all our QA and Closed Beta Testers for their invaluable time in helping to shape the DCS of tomorrow.

What to expect in DCS 2.9 and later in no particular order:

  • New Voice Chat features and immersive radio effects
  • Datalink improvements for F-16C, F/A-18C, A-10C II, AH-64D
  • New cinematic camera view
  • New 3D models like B-1B Lancer, B-52H, S-3B, S-3 Tanker, C-RAM, S-300PS
  • AI aircraft behaviour improvements
  • Troops transport on player-controlled vehicle
  • Nvidia DLSS support
  • And more….

We look forward to sharing more about the list of new features coming to DCS 2.9 in an upcoming newsletter. Please stay tuned!


Development Report


The new multiplayer server user interface adds more convenient ways for you to interact and choose aircraft slots in a multiplayer server. This capability, which has been a highly requested feature by the Community, will permit you to view all aircraft spawn slot locations on the map and to select directly from there.

We also added a filter system for the slot list that will be built into the interface. So when a slot is picked from the list, the map view will jump to that slot location.

Additionally, we are completing a new kind of aircraft slot that will be dynamically added by the filter system based on the availability and inventory of the airfield warehouse. This new dynamic system will not replace traditional slots but will add convenience for mission designers and will coexist with regular spawn slots. The system of dynamic slots will distribute spawns to parking positions automatically and will not need any additional placement of aircraft from the mission designer. When spawning in a “dynamic” slot, users will be able to choose aircraft type, hot or cold start and all parameters that are available in the rearming panel. We are in regular contact with community server hosts and content creators who are helping us greatly with their excellent feedback.


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If Datalink is coming to The Apache?..Would this mean FCR is somewhat working?? Or Very Close??


This sounds like a cool feature, finally no more empty cabin on the Huey?


That would be absolutely epic. I just thought it would do what Lua magic (CTLD, MOOSE) has been doing so far. Even just having the simple scripted spawn but built into DCS with ED keeping it working would be nice.

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I like the comms thing - no need for external radio utilities would be awesome. Just hope they get it right.


My favorite bullet…

just watched an AI F-16 start up (late activation), meet another on the taxiway; both stop; #1 then puts it in reverse! (didn’t know the Viper had a reverse gear); backs up across the tarmac; then the overrun, through a field; turns around then high-speed taxi into a nearby forest! Ka-Boom!

Nothing has changed in that mission for like a year. Perhaps the last update? D/L’d yesterday?

Hmm. Interesting.


Any VR users tested this shadow mod…?


Heard good things but it seems to break the integrity check so nogo for me


Oooo might have to try that. I can’t live without some degree of shadow: cockpit shadow helps me keep an idea of my aircraft’s orientation (and tactically if I want to stay in the sun), external shadow helps with avoiding CFIT and judging flare in some occasions. But shadows always give me a 10-15fps hit. But for me the hit is binary shadows off or on. There’s no performance difference between flat/low/medium/high with default shadows.