DCS 2.X Deferred Shading Crash in VR on Exit

This has been around for a while, so wanted to spread the word. If you use DCS in VR and have deferred shading turned on then it’s likely that at the end of a mission your game will crash. Apparently the problem is related to the fancy VR menu you get shown (of the Su-27 in the Hangar).

The temporary workaround is to rename the script that makes up that menu, i.e. rename this file:

DCS World 2 OpenAlpha/Scripts/demoScenes/SceneVR.lua

…to something like old-SceneVR.lua

This removes the VR menu and then removes the crash (at least more often anyway).

PS Thanks @Troll for the original pointer to this.


I just deleted it.
DCS updater will also reinstall the file at every update.

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If you edit it you can put in different models and lighting. My plan is to put in the Christen Eagle II into people’s configs just to see what would happen. :imp:


yeah i got a hog in there but the lighting on it is really ■■■■■■. might go with no vr scene for speed.