DCS A-10C Training Campaigns

Are they worth it? Will they teach me the basics on how to drop ordnance? I don’t care about combat at the moment, I just want to drop LGBs on target and such.

The training campaigns take into account the fact that you already know how to operate everything… it’s more of a “how to perform X type of attack by-the-book” kind of thing.

Then, never mind. I have no idea how to operate anything in that beast.

The normal training missions that come with the module aren’t bad IIRC.
And of course there are videos like this one:

If you have any questions, just ask. I can also make you a short check list for LGBs if you like.

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Right, click on Training on the main menu, pick the plane you’re interested in, and look to see what is there.

The A-10C has a ton of them IIRC, but I don’t know if it has an LGB one. If a given one requires you to know how to do something you don’t know already, move up the list to an earlier one. Most of them are listed in order top to bottom from basic starting and take off to nav, sensors, weapons, etc.

Yeah now that I think about it:
If you don’t know what SOI, SPI, TMS, DMS, DSMS and so on are, that LGB tutorial will not help much.

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It’s one of those situations where I bought something that was honestly far more than I needed.

I am sure you will figure it out.
It is complex on first glance but at least that systems concept is pretty well thought through and logical.

Two things help immensely: print out what the TMS DMS boat switch and cookie hat do in all modes so you can look it up.

And of course ask if you don’t understand something, as silly as it may sound to you.

Is this the bought Basic/Advanced & Tactical campaigns ?

I did all 3 lots - the very first mission might have been the hardest. They make you learn the startup and shut down by heart and you have to do it very quickly without mistakes to get through. There is a lot there you don’t typically bother with in combat games so might be worth a shot still.

I definitely felt like the Maple Flag training campaigns were worth the asking price. (I seem to recall purchasing them on sale.) That said, I think they were best to take AFTER learning more about the jet through Chucks guide, the DCS manual and the bazillion YT videos out there. The Maple Flag training just reinforced some of that learning or provided new knowledge that was fun (and sometimes a little frustrating) to play through.