DCS A-4E Weapon Release Computer Tutorial

Threw together a little tutorial on how to use the bombing computer in the Community A-4E Skyhawk mod for DCS World. With a bit of practice, its insane how accurate you can get with it. After a few hours I was driving tacks with greater precision than the JDAMs we have in game… Enjoy!


I’ve been binge watching your A-4 and F1 content the last few days. Very well put together content, subbed!

Question on the bombing computer. Is there a maximum pull up G that it can calculate for, say anything of 4 G’s screws up the release? Or as long as I’m smooth and consistent it will work?

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I agree, very high quality content. Revisited all of your content.

Thanks Sport !! any chance of getting a Link for the Bombing range Map you use in this Video?..i like it on a Small Island easy to find and use :slight_smile: Thanks in advance…