DCS A10-A compatibility with DCS 2.7 & Chucks Guide

I picked up Chcuk’s Guide for the A10-A.

However, the missions do not show - others do. They are all the *.miz files in my user director\saved games.

Why can’t I see these in DCS. I can see them in File Explorer.

Hey @Gazooka6 . Welcome to Mudspike.

I am have not used that guide or the A-10A in quite a while. Are you referring to missions that came with the guide or with DCS itself? If they are with the guide, it is possible that they were broken with an update. Is possible that DCS is pre-processing the files and not showing the ones that are not compatible?

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Maybe there’s some confusion there. I wrote a guide on the A-10C, not the A-10A.

The DCS A-10A is part of the Flaming Cliffs 3 package (a legacy version of DCS) and is a non-clickable, older version of the A-10C. You may have noticed a significant price difference between the A-10C and the A-10A, which is explained by the difference in simulation depth between both modules.


The A-10A missions are listed under the Flaming Cliffs heading on my copy.

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Yeah. Those are not related to Chuck’s A-10C guide. I think that you may be confusing the two.

CFrag’s A-10A Flight School (Training Missions) (digitalcombatsimulator.com)