DCS A4E C download

Need some direction to set up the A-4E file structure.
Instructions seem simple. I complete the c:DCS.open.alfa\A-4E_C v1011\Mods\aircraft\A4E-C.
Running the game does not show A-4 at the bottom of the first screen. I do see when selecting the Module manager install, the A-4 shows without the source column noted.
Help is appreciated.

it goes in C:\users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS\mods\aircraft\

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Thanks, where does get placed?
In the root C: drive ie.program directory or within the game itself?
Sorry for my lack of knowledge here.

Is what we call a path. You start at ‘my computer’ then click on C drive, the a folder named users, etc. Good luck!

Bump for some Scooter love. Good module. Only negative is the lack of radio’s. Online it shouldn’t be a big deal though.

Sucker can ROLL! Guy I used to work with (80’s & 90’s) flew them and the Crusader (mostly the Crusader). Said they, both of them, would roll really, really fast, “…it could hurt ya” were his words I recall. Manual bombing is fun and goes to show how tuff it was when compared to the CCIP stuff even.


And…a bump for new version. Sounds like good stuff added here, EFM for one. Still d/l’dg so haven’t run it yet.

Download here
Video here:


Four weeks in pancake jail and they release proper scooter. Just my luck.


The new FM is pretty much amazing- I’ve been having a lot of fun with this one.


That made me laugh hard. Not your unfortunate situation. Just the turn of phrase

To those who visit in the future: The A4E install directives want you to delete your input folders (joystick, keyboard, etc). I did, and there were 0 keys mapped, including the ESC key to bring up, what I always called the “get me outta here” menu.

It’s “End Mission”. Do that first or you can’t get out of the cockpit. Seems most modules have this as the default. Of course, it could have been just me as I didn’t really RTFM.

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A lot of good stuff coming for the scooter… :salute: :slight_smile:


The new flight model is no joke. I crashed on to the deck last night… BOOM! LOL


Yeah, she’s ahh…‘responsive’ about the longitudinal axis!

Flattened my joystick curve a touch.

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So with the new FM, I finally checked out the A-4E. I am very impressed! This thing is a ton of fun.

Rounds around the boat are great too. With this old turbojet engine and slow throttle response, you have to be very smooth and the deliberate on the gas. Staying on-speed is very challenging.










So close :slight_smile: With this short hook-eye distance, you probably have to aim for a low ball to get a good 3-wire though.


Sorry for the possibly stupid question but does this now launch “properly” from the carriers?

It’s supposed to. Think I saw a 'Tube video with someone doing it but can’t recall where (bad on me). I’ve only taken it up once and wasn’t vBrave enough to try the boat.

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Might give it another try.
The first versions were too rough for me.

I just came across this community module and am seriously impressed with it. The look, the sounds and the flight model are superb. I think it is as good as, if not better than some paid modules. This is V2.0.


Agreed. It’s a joy just to toss around the boat.


And to fight SA-2s and SA-3s (AGM-45 Shrike), do aerial refueling, aerobatics (lock the slats on the ground first), dive bombing, low level snake-eye / cluster dispenser bombing…