Dcs AFAC mission - aircraft types

I’m trying to create this ‘AFAC’ mission :

Mission Editor: Creating & Interacting With An AI AFAC/JTAC Tutorial | DCS WORLD

I’ve added the MQ-9, and have tried an F15-C and the A10C both as “ground strike”

Neither one is getting the “radio menu” / AFAC options, just the F5. ATC

At the moment I only have the base install / caucasus / dcs world ver

What kind of planes are able to contact the AFAC controller plane ?

Do I need to upgrade to (my current version ?


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First, welcome aboard!

I recall trying this a year-ish ago. Used the default A10A. As with most thing DCS/AI it takes some messin with - the “inner-workings and hidden movements” are not, as far as I can tell, public knowledge. The ED Mission Editor forum is a place to find stuff too.

If I recall I actually got it to mark with smoke rockets. I think. Not sure I have that miz still but I’ll look see.

Thanks for your reply.

On the version of DCS world that I downloaded a few weeks ago (heh and it TOOK a few weeks to download with my slow non-permanent connection !!! ),

there is no “default A10”.

They now supply an Su-25T, and a P51D. (Neither one works / gets the AFAC cmm option)

Anyways, I “bit the bullet” and bought the F18 Hornet( hey the “sim” is free) so …

The F18, as per the tutorial , works fine.

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Glad you got it sorted. I meant for an AI to serve as AFAC I used the A10A in the mission editor. I thought that was included with the game but it’s been so long.

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