DCS AH-64D copilot&weapons

In the new dcs ah-64d it says it will have an AI copilot gunner. will we be controlling the weapons or will AI copilot?
Dumb question I know but still

There are no dumb questions…just dumb people. (And you’re not one of them). Someone else who knows better can answer but (until then) either seat can control weapons. Generally, the pilot flies and the gunner guns. In the pilot seat we will be able to control the AI gunner to some degree. In the gunner seat we will be able to control the AI pilot to some degree.

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I’m no Apache pilot, but from my understanding of publicly available information and listening to CasmoTV (former Apache pilot), the pilot and co-pilot/gunner cockpits are nearly identical with flight controls allowing either crew member to fly and fire weapons should the other become incapacitated.

I’ve read/heard the main difference between the cockpits is the front seat has an additional screen dedicated to the FLIR camera. Along with some other equipment for increased sensing and weapon control.

How ED will implement it all (with an AI pilot like the Hind) will remain to be seen. If the Hind is any indication, then I’m sure it will all work out in the end.

Does the HIND have an AI pilot? If so I might be getting the HIND…I still cant fly helicopters but hey its fun.

It does! I only tried him once with the tutorial. It’s pretty fun trying to aim the missiles in that thing from the front seat. You realize what a cheat it is to be a pilot and let the gunner do the searching and targeting.

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My concern is I dont want the game targeting and shooting for me taking all my fun