DCS: AJS 37 Viggen Red Flag Campaign - THUNDER!!!

DCS: AJS 37 Viggen Red Flag Campaign.

Yes, I bought it.


Direct Linky for those who immediately opened wallet and made a high pitched ‘yelp!’ noise.



How did you know I yelped…?


Shout out to our very own forum member @bunyap2w1 who is responsible for this one! I’ll definitely get it soon when I have some time to dedicate to the viggen!


Totally Excellent dude


This sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to reading some comments how it plays.

From everything I have seen so far, am I correct to assume that this is more about flying the Viggen as a regular US strike fighter than a recreation of the period Swedish operational doctrine? How much emphasis is there on approaching the target undetected?

As a curiosity I noticed in one of the promo screenshots in the newsletter a number of Viggen on the ramp at the Lincoln County Airport. Right now all AI Viggen, including your wingmen, will overshoot the runway and crash into the concrete plant beyond while trying to take off from this airport (as they will do at many of the smaller airports in the Nevada map).

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Here are some sample missions if anybody wants to try it out:

Hey MBot, I set the packages up as late 80’s USAF in doctrine even though the campaign is set in the present day. I think that is what DCS does best and it was a good fit for the Viggen. The Viggen part is all hi-lo-hi strike and interdiction. ‘It is what it is’ but I think you will like it.

The shots of Lincoln Co are taken after landing for refueling. You have the option to skip that part and fly straight back to Nellis if you have the fuel and the AI isn’t set up to take off again anyway.


Thank you for the samples, this is a very nice idea. My stick is currently under repair, but once I am operational again I will definitely check them out.


Back from the dead revive, but I either bought this and have no recollection of it (today that seems possible (burp)), or it’s just now included with the Viggen module for free! Thanks @bunyap2w1!

I’m going to give it a go, but now currently making notes around pictures like this


…and trying to remember it all in VR.


It helps if you remember it in Swedish… :wink:
I need to revisit this!

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If you haven’t flown the Viggen in a while the nordic hammer campaign does an excellent job of stair stepping you through most of the weapons delivery procedures.

Also the Red Flag Viggen Campaign was great, really enjoyed it.


If you do revisit I can recommend the single mission ‘Interdiction’ as quick fun thing to do. The new clouds make it fairly treacherous (you need to hope and pray around the Terrain Avoidance radar around B3, as there are hills you are meant to be hugging in the thick cloud). The bombing is a simple High Drag CCIP, so a relatively simple flight profile. You’ll need to set up countermeasures as well, although if you hug the trees at Mach 0.9 all will be well - you have lots of fuel. Even the landing back at L1 is butt scrunching, in that you’ll need to use the ILS or (as I didn’t know how to use the ILS) the ground radar B-Scope to see the runway.

Viggen is enormous fun for me again so far.


The TILS in the Viggen is a treat, and very easy to set up, definitely worth reading about. The Swedes were way ahead of their time in human machine interface. :slight_smile:

The Viggen campaigns (Moljinar Response and Wrath of Thunder are definitely worth playing. They do a great job of introducing the player to the weapons and attack profiles used. I’ve never completed the Red Flag, but it’s on my list.


The Viggen campaign of Mjolnir Response is very good so far. :slight_smile:

Quick question for those familiar with the systems: I need to tell my flight to engage some ship targets. I set the F22 radio preset to '‘1’ for ‘Special 1’, as that’s what the mission briefing said they would be on, but I never get any response. I can talk to A/G ATC fine, and manually tune the radio, but I just can’t find a way to give the flight orders and they respond. I’m almost on the verge of switching on easy comms and seeing if that works. Is it a Viggen bug or am I screwing something up (maybe with Groups)?

I haven’t tried it myself, but I read something about new FR22 keybindings… Could that be the problem?

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It might be, I saw this at the ED forums here:

Several things changed with the radios in the recent patch:

  1. FR24 was locked to Guard frequency while in NORM+LARM setting.

  2. FR22 and FR24 devices were swapped relative to previous SRS configuration, so you need to swap the push-to-talk keybinds until SRS is updated.

  3. Special and Group (GRUPP) channels were reconfigured. Some multiplayer missions have probably not updated their special channels (1,2,3,EFGH), so they are all default 225.0 or something. To access the channels that used to be in these slots, turn the GRUPP selector to 10 and use the 0-9 channel buttons. The new frequency mapping is in the kneeboard.

The GRUPP change above seems to work for MAGIC, so that’s progress. I can’t get a reply from the Flight, but then I’m trying it on the ground - it’s a shame there isn’t a comms ‘how do you read?’ sort of status message I can use. When I get back at a PC I’ll give it a go in the air.

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I think the campaign might be bust, which is a shame. Here’s the mission in the mission editor, with the radio frequencies:

Here’s the mission briefing:

V. Command and Signals.
Kutaisi Tower. Base 14, channel A. (134.000 MHz AM) (Ref. number 9014)
Senaki Tower Base 12 channel A (132.000 MHz AM) (Ref. number 9012)
Kobuleti Tower Base 13 channel A (133.000 MHz AM) (Ref. number 2013)
Springfield 1. Special Channel 1 (305.000 MHz)
MAGIC AWACS Special channel 2 (264.000 MHz)

So to fix it I need to set the radio flight to 305.000 Mhz and that will fix it? I’ll give it a go.

They may well be, I don’t remember which update it was, but it broke Wrath of Thunder a while ago.

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Aww, I was going to try that one next. I’ll give it a go editing them. I reported it on the ED forums.


I don’t recall the exact issue on the first mission where you’re flying CAP, but I know it didn’t work anymore.

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