DCS: AJS37 Viggen Ground Radar 2.0




Exciting news!


Plus those new map markers that work in multiplayer, and the auto generated flight plan cartridge stuff.

That looks like a feature that would be fun to explore in MP one night?


A good demo shot of how it works more like the real thing. It’s great to see the Viggen being given this ongoing love by HB.


Indeed! They could’ve just wrapped things up, and moved on. But they don’t. That shows great promise for the future.


The f10 marker flight planning is a game changer for me. Makes online much more effective.


Sweet, I look forward to checking this out.


I’m going to wait until the come out with an improved ejection seat before I get too excited…what?

Ok, seriously, I like the way that they have accounted for radar reflectivity of objects like metal bridges and terrain masking. Too often on some sims you know that you are just looking at the default map painted green…OK, not that bad but you get the idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, well, well. Time to get back to night, bad weather, low alt, radar bombing practice… and proper ejection procedures.


This is looking very, very good.


I wonder if I could mask my Huey by flying along a train…


This radar truly is for crappy weather only, isn’t it? When it’s clear out, you can eyeball about the same extend as that radar it seems. I remember the mudhen radar quite differently from janes’ last Strike Eagle title…

This is awesome work by the way. If leatherneck can do it, so can ED. And that means we might be getting some other machines that hinge on proper AG radar someday in the near future.


Sounds like a job for a F-111 right @Bogusheadbox?


I started respecting the dev so much more after reading this yesterday on the forums. It shows commitment to the product and respect to the customers.



There is no job worth doing unless its done with an F-111 :f111: :wink:


Actually the Viggen radar is an integrated component of a lot you do.

Navigation - The Viggen has an INS updated by doppler radar looking at the terrain. Over water of flat terrain, it drifts over time. So one thing that is good to do is update your INS platform using the radar. When flight planning (i.e. mission editor) you place a waypoint on some radar-recognizable “landmark” - e.g. a small peninsula, the mouth of a river…or now a bridge! During the flight, in NAV mode, you select the waypoint then take the radar cursor/crosshair directly over the point and enter it - updated Nav platform!

Combat - It also figures in various weapons deliveries, especially ASCMs. You can also use it to plot te positions of ships (“surface contacts” in Navy parlance). The max range is 120 km so well beyond eyesight.

Once I got used to it, it becomes an intrinsic part of flying. :slightly_smiling_face:


So perhaps the shots they posted show a shorter range than usual to illustrate it better? That would make sense. I should learn how to viggen some day.


Yep, that is what it looked like. Ranges are 120 Km, 60 Km, 30 Km and 15 Km.

For most things I seem to use 60 Km to 30 Km. 15 Km is good for the Nav updates.