I have a question…

Only in DCS the IPD (interpupullary distance) seems slightly off.
I tried different values, included my actual IPD, but still the eyes feel always a bit crossed.
When I remove the VR headset, the eyes feel always a bit wonky and take a minute to readjust.

Does it happen only to me?

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I just noticed this with 2.7 last night - something is slightly different with 2.7 in my estimation…I was noticing it particularly with the deck crew on the Abe Lincoln. I might have to adjust the in-game IPD or something…maybe it reset or is a different value than what I had it.

Assuming you’re talking about the same thing: IPD in the DCS VR setting is not the same thing as IPD in the headset (unless they changed it in 2.7).

It works more as a cockpit ‘scaling’ factor - makes the cockpit larger/bigger or smaller. Or I guess it makes you smaller/larger. I didn’t grok this for a long time either. There’s been several threads on this in the last couple of years. Assuming we’re talking about the same thing (and again they didn’t change it in 2.7).

I leave it off and in the acft I use most it all appears ‘normal’, to me; Hornet more ‘roomy’ than the Viper for instance. It’s been said some, probably older FC acft, are off here and you need to adjust. Thing is, I don’t know what to adjust them too, given my understanding of this setting.

I dug this back up:


Ah wow! That’s something I needed.


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