Dcs and new gfx card. Rebuild anything?

Installed new gfx card, seems to be running fine. Just wondering if a little maintenence should be done with DCS? E. G. Is it recommended to recompile shaders (forgotten how to do that) or maybe rebuild refresh other portions of the game?



Care to extrapolate kind sir?

Well honestly I simply confirmed that, yes, it’s a good habit to do the shaders rebuild.
:stuck_out_tongue: plus free cheekiness.

and how does one do such a thing ? my memory is bad.

Delete the contents of “Saved Games/fxo” and “Saved Games/metashaders2”.



Thats step 1.

Step 2, as I recall, is to go make a sandwich during the loading screen, as first time recompiling them for a given map takes a while.


LOL :smiley:

I hope you’re not asking to get help with that. :blush:

Well you take one slice of bread and put some butter on it. Spread it out. Next up is cheese. Try to make thin slices of cheese. Then some green vegetables like cucumber or lettuce. Then some egg if you want to be elaborate and some sort of meat such as ham or bacon. Top it off wit another slice of buttered bread. If you want maximum taste and dont care much for counting calories, change the butter for mayonaise.

Voila, a sandwich. Your DCS should be done loading now.

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