DCS and WMR Vertical Misalignment Bug


I am on the latest open beta I downloaded the same file. I put it in DCS/bin directory. I saved the old one. I have Samsung Odyssey Plus and WMR.
With the file in, game will not start. I put the old Visualizer.dll back in and game starts. Tried x3 same result.
Just to be sure. Cleaned and repaired with Skates Utility and downloaded again. No joy.

Why downloaded it?

It should be generated after saving the settings of samsung Odyssey alignement editor pop-op inside dcs!
You then can edit the file saved in your savedgames openbeta directory. (Usually changing values from left to right eye and vice versa)

Every Odyssey has its own calibration, if you downloaded another Odyssey file i wonder if it’s that different calibration that’s crashing your game?

Because of what was posted:
Here is fearlessfrog’s post.
“There is a fix for this, direct from ED. I forgot to post about it, but any O+ users should at least try it.
1.Download the file from here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3797591&postcount=90 3”

Can I just modify the LUA? Where is it?
Im not seeing the alignment editor inside dcs.

Edit: Found the file 800ZBA. Now I will edit as per notes. LUA was edited. Still not good alignment.

" Open DCS. In the vr debug tool press reset projections" This is where I get stuck. Where is the vr debug tool?
I may have to stop flying till I can fix this. The double vision is driving me nuts.

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Sorry @Maico - I just noticed this. My instructions are out of date, as DCS open beta now includes this DLL and will show it automatically when DCS starts if it doesn’t find an existing ‘Samsung Windows Mixed Reality 800ZBA.lua’ file in your Saved Games \ DCS.openbeta directory.

I"ll update the first post.

Thank you. I’m on it

Problem solved! Thank you @fearlessfrog.