DCS and WMR Vertical Misalignment Bug



Noticed this on the ED forums and thought it worth pointing out here as interesting.


Essentially what is happening is that the left / right images that make up the stereo 3D view in the headset in DCS are coming out misaligned for some people. This causes a feeling of being ‘cross eyed’, in that the rendered views are not lining up vertically (say the left eye view is a tiny amount higher than the right for example, breaking the 3D effect). It seems specific to DCS as most other Unreal/Unity engine games already fix for this.

Each headset comes with an initial factory calibration, where the device settings are given back to SteamVR on how the views are rendered. You can see you own headset settings by running vrcmd like this:

> E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\bin\win64>vrcmd.exe

Device 0 - holographic.WindowsHolographic - Samsung Windows Mixed Reality 800ZBA by WindowsMR - HMD - generic_hmd
                D3DAdapterIndex:   0
                 RecommendedRenderTargetSize: width=1687, height=2106
                 Left Projection: left=-1.243206, right=1.040720, top=-1.430265, bottom=1.422058
                Right Projection: left=-1.048342, right=1.230648, top=-1.423027, bottom=1.421782
                Lens Center: (0.000000, 0.000000), (0.000000, 0.000000)
                Tracking universe: 14118210320900

As you can see, the left and right projection top/bottom values are out a little, meaning there is a physical alignment that the software normally takes into account. I think the issue is in VR DCS (and it seems Euro/American Truck Sim as the only other one) this mismatch isn’t taken into account, causing a blurry feeling for some. It seems to be worse for people with higher IPD settings.

It looks like ED knows about the issue already, plus a few more people are tracking info about it here:


Hopefully a fix is in the pipeline so our eyes can uncross :slight_smile: .



So you are basically “Wash Out” from Hot Shots? :smile:


Problems what problems are you talking of?
I have no problems!

Apart from jokes i felt a little this problem and reacted tilting just a little bit the headset! (Not as much as in the photo!) :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With the latest beta, the bottom 2/3 of the screen are solid white in my O+. Works fine in other games.


Sounds similar to this one?


Does setting DCS in-game PD to 1.0 and using the RenderTarget setting and SteamVR SS to 200% help?


Yes, that was it. I was running 1.6 by 200. Lowered PD to 1.0 and the image looks normal again.


So for some people (I think I notice it a bit) this vertical alignment bug for WMR in DCS is still around.

One interesting thing I read on the ED forums was that some people are even trying to use Revive to run DCS in WMR, as that doesn’t suffer this misalignment issue. This is a real ‘house of cards’ (@BeachAV8R you know I love them) and takes some explaining but it goes like this:

Revive is an injection library to make your SteamVR device pretend it is a native Oculus device. It is essentially reporting back fake hardware ids and translating some calls. It allows people to play Oculus exclusives on anything that runs SteamVR (Vive, or WMR devices through the SteamVR for WMR app).

So what you can do is install Revive from here, go to SteamVR and select ‘Revive’ from the dashboard selector (press down the WMR joystick) and then go back to your 2D desktop and see the desktop tray icon for Revive. On that right mouse button menu and choose ‘inject…’ and pick the bin/DCS.exe to run.

What is happening now is (deep breath) DCS thinking it is having the Oculus device talking to it, so uses the Oculus SDK, that then talks to Revive, that is then talking the SteamVR API, which in turn is being translated to WMR native calls. It’s as simple as that! :wink:

The reason for doing this is that the Oculus DCS support doesn’t have this vertical misalignment bug, so that things far away (or rather not in your face, so like anything outside the cockpit) now appears clear. You can actually see ships and ground vehicles without the ‘blur’ caused by the left and right eye stereo picture being misaligned.

The feeling that WMR is not clear in DCS is often this bug. ED are hoping to fix it, but are struggling to recreate it still.

Unfortunately, Revive is a bit broken by SteamVR’s recent ‘Motion Smoothing’ update, so people are waiting for it to be fixed again. It judders too much, despite the fact that before the recent SteamVR update it actually worked pretty well. The bug can be tracked here - https://github.com/LibreVR/Revive/issues/1163

Hopefully this gets sorted out, whether by revive or ideally a DCS fix. Even trying it out with the judders you can detect that things do look different outside the cockpit. It’s sort of frustrating, as now I’ve seen it then I’d love to be able to play with it that clear.



I’ll be interested to try all that. Me - I’ve spent my entire evening trying to get multiple windows into OBS and microphones and WMR…LOL… I did figure it out though.


Bloody hell! If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Good thing that we have WikiFrog to keep us properly informed.