DCS ATC Command Menu Structure Query

Hi all,

I’m looking for a document that breaks down DCS’s ATC functions/structure as well as a list of the available commands available in each sub-menu. My hope is to issue voice comms to ATC, Flights, JTAC, etc using VoiceAttack. I’ve grown tired of hunting for keys in VR when communicating with ATC and my flight.

I’ve started mapping the list of commands available but the process is a little time-consuming. I’m checking to see if something is available before I delve deeper. Hopefully, I can save some time and avoid a few possible headaches.


P.S. I feel like I’ve asked before but couldn’t find anything using the forum’s search function.

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Kindred spirts we be - Yoda.

When I got my new rig I didn’t have VA/VAICOM Pro set up. The first flight was simply annoying as all get out - fumbling like crazy for things. I’m a speech-to-text cripple now :slight_smile: Hated it.

I’m doing something similar, though more from the angle of creating a [very] simplified ‘agency’ (ATC, ABCC, JSTARs, etc) structure, with the ability to sort of talk to DCS. Which of course requires VoiceAttack/VAICOM Pro. This is witout ANY 3rd party or external apps (obviously other than VA) or having to mess with I/O security - just drop it in the ME as a ‘template’- like mission.

As far as commands to the ATC there aren’t a lot and the ATC is basically useless as is. I only know of:
Engine start/taxi/takeoff/inbound. All are just simple, mind-less, responses from DCS.

There’s just not very many (they might be in the manual) cuz the ATC doesn’t really do much.

JTAC and Tanker comms: again I use VAICOM Pro.

Since VAICOM Pro handles the ‘translation’ to, it seems, a menu item ‘click’ I can’t tell you the actual command you’d input via VA (without VAICOM Pro).

Here’s demo I did a year ago when I first started this (life stuff happened and I’ve only been able to pick it back up recently).

Yeah, not much future as a YouTube creator - I don’t have time for it anyway.

I wish I could help you more on the VA commands usage but I’m not a VA expert. I think the basics of VAICOM Pro will do what you want…hey, there’s a sale on!:


And I can’t say it’s necessarily easier than VA alone - there are other steps, BUT, you can change the words you use pretty easy; have multiple ‘aliases’. For example (using my lua stuff) for an acknowledgement (of a vector) I can say, “Roger that”, or “Wilco”, or “Got It” and they all mean the same. Or when I check on to the ABCCC frequency I can say, “With you” or “Up yours” and the same code path is followed.


Thank you, Master Yoda. :sunglasses: :smiley:

I agree, that the ATC seems quite limited. I found several keys by sifting through the options menu and looking at a couple of docs created by Bailey for some of his profiles. I don’t know if it’s me or not, but the ATC structure also seems a bit wonky, the way it is implemented (could be that I’m simply frustrated).

Still, I have some work to do, but thanks for the feedback and for sharing the video. I’ll definitely give Viacom Pro a look.

cheers, :+1:

It’s limited for sure. C as in ATC, have no implementation at all, almost.
It’s rubbish and useless. Really hope to see the new ATC this year, and not the fiasco we have in the super carrier.