DCS AV-8B Chuck's guide missing


When trying to access the chuck’s guide for the harrier, i get an ‘oops that page can’t be found’.

Is the guide being revised currently or is it just a bad link?


Hey nbastra, welcome to Mudspike.

Short story: The Harrier Guide is currently pulled and awaiting a facelift.
Long story is here.


Welcome to Mudspike @nbastra. As Chaz mentions, the guide is awaiting revisions and RAZBAM completing updates. it may be some time before that is completed and Mr. ChuckOwl takes a look at it again.

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Thanks for the info y’all!

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I jumped back into the harrier and there is a lot of new stuff to learn. Integrated JTAC 9 liners wow

I bought the Harrier during the recent sale; always wanted to try it out, and now that I’ve learned the F/A-18, I figured I could transfer some of that learning to the AV-8B.

So far it’s a blast. Hovering, STOL, and VTOL is incredibly fun, and was much easier to learn than flying the Huey, since you don’t have all the different things going on between torque and vortex ring state, etc.

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I have been dropping LGBs using the Tpod and some SEAD with the sidearms. Then I got into a jug shooting down JU88s over Dover. Gotta love DCS