DCS: AvioDev C-101EB/CC


Hey @BeachAV8R great article as always! I am not really into training airframes, but after reading it I want to try it out… I am sure I will one day. Time, that damn time… why only 24 hours / day?!


Yeah, I would think the AOA lights should extinguish on gear retraction. They do in every plane I’ve flown…


I’ve loved the look of this aircraft as soon as it was announced but was waiting for the full release, looks like my time has come! :wink:


I really enjoy tootling around in the 101


Get up 1h earlier tomorow and all of a suden your day will have 25 hours :wink:


Hi BeachAV8R. The AOA indexer is on in this aircraft the whole time, not only when landing gear is down. I have the feedback from a real C-101CC pilot regarding this point.


Hi Cib. See my answer to BeachAV8R. The AOA is always on in this aircraft.


Btw @Aviodev is there really no way to get countermeasure dispensers on the CC?
Or do the real life users actually fly without it?

I mean: nowadays pretty much anybody can get a Stinger or Igla.

Not a complaint, I just wondered. And of course it would improve the usability in DCS a bit.

Maybe something pylon mounted like the one mentioned in this article.


Hi Aginor. It would be unrealistic since it’s not used IRL. But we can think about adding a pod, for playability reasons and seeing that some people is requesting it. It could be a hypothetical possible upgrade.


Yeah it is a pity that the improved version never entered the market. It had dispensers, and even Mavericks and all kinds of other nice stuff.


Thanks, would make it lot useful in semi war scenarios. Please, even pod would help :slight_smile:


A flare pod like that would make the C-101 fill a light COIN role that DCS currently lacks.

I like building little anti-infantry / light vehicles scenarios for the L-39 but the lack of flares means no MANPADs or Strelas can be attacked, limiting the usability severely.

If the C-101 had flares you could go Don Quixote against IR SAM defended targets - something I would love to do! :grin:


Yeah, I requested those FAB illumination bombs too. It does have illumination rockets, but they are kind of hard to use (or at least, I wasn’t very good at using them). And an ability to use NVGs would be pretty nifty too. Not sure how much they want to stick with reality…I’m sure some DCS fans would have a conniption if we wander too far into the realm of fantasy instead of reality…


Phoenix missiles would be great too :wink:


And afterburners! And a swing wing!


And my axe!

… Wrong movie…?


Well, you actually could use that in Arma 3 or something if you bailed out. Craft a shelter to shield you from the zombies you had been bombing…


Excuse me while I play this ridiculously long animation to show a swinging axe in the middle of a gunfight – nobody shoot til it’s over!




Starting to look at this aircraft and playing with it. Got to really hand it to the developers, beautiful job. Also, the manual they put together for the user is simply outstanding.