DCS: AvioDev C-101EB/CC


Originally published at: https://www.mudspike.com/dcs-aviodev-c-101eb-cc/

A long time coming, the AvioDev C-101 trainer/light attack jet has reached full maturity, providing an exceptional DCS World experience. Announced four and a half years ago, the AvioDev team has endured project roadblocks, team shakeups, and a continuously evolving DCS World. Now, with the addition of the External Flight Model and the release of…


Nice review - only took four years! :wink:

In my time in the ‘new’ C101, the biggest thing to get used to is just the lack of power. I’ve been spoiled I think.


I’m going to reply to this message in six months.


Yes. It very much reminds me of the X-Trident AMX for X-Plane…it has very similar power and control response…


Another great article as always.


Thanks. That one was really enjoyable to write. I’d like to research the MP cockpit functionality in the next day or so. I was going to try to do it tonight, but ran into a technical difficulty (I couldn’t be noisy at the house right at this moment…normal people are sleeping)…


Very nice writeup Chris! Like you, I have had the C101 in my virtual hangar for a long time, mostly just gathering dust. This really is a nice aircraft to fly in VR!


Very nice article.


Nice work, man!
Love that little plane despite its lack of engine power (and thus speed).


Hello Chris.
Congrats on this wonderful article!
We feel very proud and encouraged when we see an article so good and with positive feedback like yours.
Of course we take note of all your comments and will try to add as many items as possible of your wish list.
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Hey @AvioDev - welcome to Mudspike! Congrats on persevering through the adversity and sticking with the project. The end result is fantastic and I’m sure you guys gained a lot of insight that might help with your future projects.


Thank you! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Great review with the usual array of awesome ‘Beach’ pics. Alllllmmmmost tempted to pick it up, and then I remember how many other modules I have yet to even begin learning.


I adore little aircraft like this, especially in DCS. It adds additional variety as well as filling several roles that have been lacking in the game for some time. We’re fast approaching the ability to do a general pipeline, starting from basic aircraft like the Yak-52, to the L-39 and C-101, until finally going to the more advanced aircraft. I only wish we had something like this as part of the stock DCS world instead of the Su-25T and TF-51! I know from experience that both of those are incredibly frustrating and off-putting to new players.

Are there plans to expand the C-101 into Steam, or will it remain only on the ED store?


I asked that a while ago at the ED forums.
It is planned to have it on Steam soo . But ED decides when they want to do it.


When I started it felt like learn Russian or be someone’s target drone.

I know the su-25t isn’t actually that complex once you get to learn it a bit but it sure felt like it. I had photos on my phone of the keybindings to help me along as it wasn’t like an English cockpit. Switching navigation modes took me an age to learn the Cyrillic symbols for each one and I still get confused if I jump in the 33 from the harrier.

Brilliant article as always @BeachAV8R fantastic screens and a great read!


We are taking the long way around to Fighter Ops!

But seriously…the C-101 would really be a great intro aircraft. The Su-25T is a great airplane, and I love it, but something like the 101 would really showcase DCS World with the clickable cockpit and just enough combat capability to make it interesting. I love the L-39 too, but the instruments are pretty small and tough to read. The C-101 has some nice easy to use radios and that panel is just a dream to fly with.


That was one well written, artful (screenshots galore) and in depth review with a history lesson to boot. Well done.


Enjoyed the read though only skimmed the article but watched the video which raises the question. Why are the AOA lights on constantly ? I am sure mine are only on when the gear is down


I have to agree with review , this is really fun plane. Im happy that i get this vs harrier.

Only would kill to get flare pod.

Would make this really nice for terrorist hunt.