DCS Bottlenecks?

So, I’ve been trying to find out what’s bottlenecking my system, since people with much better rigs describe these same problems so throwing money at it probably won’t work.

Installed MSI Afterburner and noticed my GPU 2(2nd display, Intel HD drivers) appears to be getting a part of the work and fills up about 4gb of video memory. Could this be the cause of my problems? Because when the simulation runs it runs very well, it’s just these stutters that I have no idea where they are coming from.

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Uninstall the Intel drivers and check task manager for any unwanted background apps running. I found Asus ai suite caused stuttering for me

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Cheers, let’s see if that works! It just seems to hang for a really long time loading, then works for a bit. No idea what’s going on since no component in my computer seems busy.

sounds like its compiling shaders

have you cleaned /user/savedgames/dcs/metashaders2 and /fxo lately?

I have multiple times in the past week, didn’t do a thing unfortunately.

So I can rule out RAM, which is 16gb and seems to be happily taking the load. I can rule out the GPU and CPU, which work fine when it’s running, but both go to idle when DCS stutters. The Intel drivers didn’t make a bit of difference, so i can keep running my second display, which I like.

There’s one thing though, Page File Size is set for 32gb but seems to refuse to go over 16gb for some reason. I think that this is the crux of my problem.

EDIT: I am definitely on the right track, now with preload radius at zero and a page file on multiple disks including the OS one I appear to have gotten a more reasonable performance. Now it’s time to make DCS pretty again.

Some days I wish they would focus a year on optimizing but oh well.

But then by the end of that year it wouldn’t work very well on the Nvidia 3080 Ti’s, Intel i10’s and our 64GB systems we’ll all be using :wink:

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For that price I might just as well buy a real mig-21bis! :wink:

I am testing this on the worst possible situation so far, Mig-29A instant action persian gulf, target range practice. there’s a buddy 29 flying over head that I can quickly jump the camera towards to repeat the results.

Trying pagefiles on the SSD that DCS is located seems weird to me, right?

I think in some cases when DCS gets a certain set of objects, with a certain level of detail, then no PC on earth would prevent a stutter. It’s why they are moving to a Vulcan rendering, so that single thread pumping on graphics commands while it is trying to do everything else (of note) will get a break.

Maybe, although I doubt you’re saturating the SATA channel just because the I/O is wanting both DCS and pagefile info at once. I also tend to have my pagefile for the OS off of my main SSD, but I don’t have good stats on if that is even needed anymore.

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Forgive me if you’ve already tried this, but have you set it to use your primary display adapter and not the Intel GPU? I only ask because a cheap laptop I got a few years ago had both the Intel GPU and the Nvidia GPU and I had to tell it to use the Nvidia GPU over the Intel.

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Are you using V Sync or freesync or G Sync even? what fps rate can you get the game to stay at?

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Sort of yes, I’ve ruled out that DCS is using the secondary GPS, it’s disabled in Device Manager and it’s drivers are uninstalled, there’s also no activity on the Intel Graphics chip.

Nop, none of those, I can try V-sync, I don’t have the other two. So far I’ve just been trying to remove the stuttering, it’s not the framerate that’s the problem. DCS just freezes for a bit then continues like nothing happened.

My hunch says IO problem but I can’t determine quite where yet.

Perhaps that’s correct, might just be me out of luck in that regard!

I don’t know either, just having wild stabs here at the problem from my end on.


Thought i had put it on low at some point but I had not… woops