DCS Carrier Ops/Ground Crew

I hope it is possible to accurately model some of these deck crew actions. The ARMA 3 jets showcase, while being extremely simple flight model, has a cool launch sequence with the shooter. I’m curious to see what ED is able to do with this. It also seems only logical that if the deck crew becomes a thing in DCS, someone should be able to figure out how to put crew members on the ramps at airfields to direct you through the startup/preflight stuff. Being able to go through a start up talking to the ground crew through some f10 radio commands and see them signaling things would be EPIC.

And if at all possible, someone create a mod where the shooters do the gangnam style launch.



I lived with an ABH (handler) for a while. All he ever talked about was how to launch various types of planes, and I’m pretty sure I still remember the hand motions and sequences for prepping a Tomcat before turning it over to the Shooter. Might need to be drunk though - that was 15 years ago .

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So I have several questions -

  1. When HE was drunk did he make random hand signals like he couldn’t stop himself?
  2. Even when he wasn’t drunk, did he talk with his hands a lot?
  3. Did he talk a lot since it wasn’t something he could do during his job?
  4. Did he think the handlers were the unsung hero’s in Topgun the movie?
  1. He’d actually talk through what each step and motion was. Or talk about wrestling. Or both.

  2. Yes, yes he did.

  3. I think he just liked talking. He was ALWAYS talking. My girlfriend at the time was at the apartment a few times using my computer to work on papers for school, and finally stopped going over when I wasn’t there, because he wouldn’t ever shut up. Well, except for when his girlfriend flew in from Keflavik to visit for a couple of weeks.

  4. Of course he did. And he talked more than once about how he wished he’d been around for that one. I’m pretty sure “Highway to the Danger Zone” was his pump-up song. Even else he listened to was Johnny Cash and Conway Twitty.


1 to 3 sound like a pretty accurate description for any Italian I’ve ever known. :smiley:


And I can totally confirm.


Still LMAO at the video. Good Show.

Not sure if this is "official " or really where it came from??


I think that’s people spelunking in the models/lua’s and finding the stuff done by ED so far? Some deck crew is going to be pretty sweet when it arrives, I guess in the ‘Carrier Module’…


That’s really spooky how lifelike those animations are.p

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What’s really spooky is the green jacket.
Have you noticed his shadow?

If ED is planning on simulating ALL the folks who are on deck during flight ops to that level of detail, I’d suggest everybody start buying stock in RAM manufacturers…