DCS Community A-4E-C Mod

Nah I think it is good to have the thread about the mod starting with the main mod release post.
It would be weird for new users wanting to look up that Skyhawk mod and then being directed to a 3+ year old dev update


Look at my post up from yours.

Flew around a bit more today in the Scooter. Really lovin’ this little jet. Helpful YouTube videos are beginning to drop.


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Anybody has issues with canopy shadow/reflection effect? Mine looks weird:

I’m using stable release of DCS.

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Not seeing that in the open beta.


Confirmed bug, should be fixed in the next update.

Side note: if you land on a stationary carrier, you can cold start the A-4 sometimes. This makes it possible to rearm if one is so inclined, though it’s a bit more challenging to land on a stationary carrier.

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I’m getting same in stable release. Have you have any gun sight alignment issues

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Can’t tell - I haven’t practice gun runs yet.

A couple of niggling issues aside this little jet is an absolute blast to fly! I would HAPPILY of paid money for this experience. Very very well done guys

I trapped 3rd wire first time out on the stennis. Its so easy to correct and admittedly I couldn’t find the wheel brakes and forgot to throttle back after I trapped while I was looking so I fell off the carrier I still looked bang on in the replay up till then. Very much happy

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I think that’s the result of using the SFM, you have to hold the brakes/add thrust to stay on the deck. I don’t find it too big a deal because the carrier ops fit nicely in as a pseudo TA-4, so the smaller nagging issues don’t detract much from the experience.

So the brakes do work? I didnt have time to troubleshoot this before work.
I did get to chase the Fishbed and got a flamer w guns and a couple of missiles to hit.
Best Mod ever!

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It’s a button press, not an axis. For WH it defaults to the pinky button.

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Thank you a bunch

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Amazing looking plane.


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Canopy issue fixed in 1.01 version in DCS stable.


I’d love to see a Discovery Air livery for this plane.
That’s a company who operates a few A-4s to simulate targets for the German air force (among others).

(Edit: and yes, different version, but I don’t care)


I’ve always wondered, what’s with the the stove-pipey looking extension of the jet exhaust nozzle on the back of later day A-4s?

Essentially it seems to be to help avoid IR sams, I dug around and found this on google books.


Well after the blatant fluke of catching 3 wire first time last night I can conclusively say I was lucky.

I cannot trap for the life of me today. The poor stennis has taken an absolute POUNDING this evening. I love this little jet…

I set up a few enemy migs to play with and got Completely minced.

I did take out a frogfoot but his escort mig 17 cut me to shreads milliseconds afterwards.

I’m really struggling with the wheelbrakes as well. Has anyone else found them difficult?

I really need a manual. I found a couple online but they dont seem to want to Download fully.

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What kind of manual? I think someone has one on google. I’m also not sure what info really needs to be conveyed for the aircraft.

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