DCS Community Mod: IA-58 Pucara

Since @jross and I are working on a Falklands-esque campaign built on the Marianas map (actually he’s building it; I’m just washing dishes and taking out the trash), this mod came as quite a pleasant surprise. SFM, but with a clickable cockpit, it’s really quite nice to fly.



I love how mods are coming out of aircraft Raz has had WIP for YEARS. And not garbage ones, but decent FMs and interface.


@ST0RM I wish Razbam would announce an A-6 :laughing:

Edit-Yes, I know HB has one coming, but the Razbam effect is real.


FYI, an update to the Pucara has been released, fixing the incorrect vertical stabilizer and propeller animation, adds a more realistic reticle, and includes some new liveries. It’s really nice in VR.

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I love the art on this mod! Super well done.

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I never realised the engines were so smol