DCS Correct way of installing MODs

I have been told there is a correct and incorrect way of installing MODs for DCS. I am trying to install the T45 Freebie MOD.I have just tried OvGME with mild successes with other MODS but it dosnt like the RaR file for this particular aircraft. So I have manually unzipped The Rar to the following C:\Users *****\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft\Carrier Based Aircraft\VNAO_T45. However it dosnt show up in DCS. I looked on Youtube and found some vid where the guy is saying his is the correct way of installing MODS .I had been told never to use the Main DCS World directory but this guy did. Can anyone clarify the “REAL” correct way. My DCS World is installed on D:\ SSD. ( I understand that if I “fix” DCS it will delete any 3rd party mods in its directory. (maybe that why you shouldnt do it )). Cheers.

remove the “Carrier Based Aircraft” folder:
C:\Users\ *****\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft\VNAO_T45


I’ll give it a try -Thanks – but am I doing the right thing by not installing in the Main DSC directory. Just looked on other sites and it opens up a real can of worms. From EDs point of view I think I would kick mods out of my Install Directory too. Thanks for your help.

HA HA HA OK that was fun. Did as you said and started the game, navigated to the VNAO_T45 directory and found my aircraft. Started to fly and went straight into the drink. No training as yet. Next I was treated to a flight of an F14 doing a take-off and landing, looked fantastic. Ok well I’ll try and fathom as its nighty nite time for me. Cheers.

Yes. DCS wont even allow you to do that anyway. If you place a mod in the main directory you will get an “authorization failure” message when you start the game.
This is true for every mod that adds content: new ships, tanks, aircraft, etc.

There are some mods that replace the default content (ie Barthek ground texture mod for the caucasus map) those go in the main directory but I highly suggest using a mod manager like OVGME for those


Ok didnt know that. Sounds like ED got it right, although an exception with Barthek (which I have and tried to install with OvGME ). So I gather if I didnt enable/disable the likes of Barthek with OvGME ,when it came to a fix with DCS the program would overwrite the mod and I would need to reinstall if I wanted to use it. I cant seem to enable this Barthek ( enable from where ) or It is enabled but cant tell any difference LOL.