DCS Dual Cockpit Functionality in the L-39

I’m just starting in DCS with a VR set up and have been spending my time flying the L-39C. I would like to use DCS/L-39 for dual training. Is there a guide that goes through getting access to this functionality?

I assume two gaming systems are needed. How are they linked? Does it have to be through a server with a mission set up or can it be via a local network either machine to machine or via a third machine set up as a server?

I’ve seen YouTube vids with people exercising the functionality but have yet to find something like a how to vid.


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The second player has to have

  • a PC to run DCS
  • Internet connection
  • a DCS World account
  • the L-39 module
  • the map module you want to fly over.

There is no option to play over LAN.

One of you has to create a server (via the multi-player menu) and host the mission.

The mission has to have the L-39 placed and not set to player aircraft but to multi-player client.


I’m excited to see you implement this, very interested to see how it works for you. I would expect it would be a very valuable training aid in VR for cockpit fam and procedures training.

Wish I could offer some guidance, but basically two PC’s with the above on the same server should be able to share the cockpit.

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In addition: you don’t even need to host yourself. This involves opening up port 10308 by forwarding from the modem to your pc and opening it in the firewall on your pc. There are guides for how to host DCS server but you really don’t need to to get started.

Just start playing on a public aerobatics or training server. There are plenty around


I think a closed private server, preferably hosted on a separate, local machine would work best for what @lolachampcar is gunning for.

It seems using a public server for a short period of time to sort things out would be easiest provided I was not a bother. What is the proper etiquette for using a public server for ones own limited usage?

On a different but related note, I see different pilots talking to each other. How does communication work or how does one enable it?

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There’s really no etiquette to worry about, per se. If the server is public (non-password protected), it’s expected that you’re free to join and fly, obviously while avoiding being a d*ck to others, which I doubt would be an issue. :grin:

Most servers have CTAF freqs listed in the briefing; some are all combined and some have separate freqs like in real life. Basically see-and-avoid and act like you would at an uncontrolled field in real life and you’ll be golden.

I’d recommend the Hoggit training server. There’s plenty of airports to choose from, decent ping, and friendly people who are all there just to train and practice, all doing their own thing (not a mission, per se, just a series of ranges and targets people do their own thing on).

If you go to Hoggit’s Reddit page, wiki, or discord channel you can find their guide to connecting and operating in their servers, but no need to overthink; as a RL Pilot you’ll be miles ahead of many players if you fly a normal pattern and watch for other traffic.

I second this; eventually you’ll want an environment you can control and administer yourself, not mention you should have a much more solid connection, and with only one plane around the server performance would be better. But that’s another can of worms, installing the dedicated server on a third machine. Not hard though, I’ve used my laptop as a dedicated server and runs it fine; most calculations are made client-side so you don’t need a workhorse of a PC for that, IMO.

There’s two competing schools of though right now: the game has a new built-in voice chat that works well, and there’s a third party plugin called SRS which works behind the scenes to realistically simulate UHF/VHF radio comms. Hoggit and most servers use SRS for now, since it came first and offers a lot of options. Set up is not difficult, just takes some doing. There’s a number of well done guides to setting it up and using it. You’ll map a key or button to be your PTT switch.

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