DCS/ED's new marketing initiative, maybe

Has anyone noticed, besides me, of a turn in the way DCS/ED is communicating with their customers (us)?

Wags actually posted here prior to Viper release. Bans were lifted at the Zoo (I’m sure they will regret that though). NineLine actually conversing with folks at simHq (r u kidding me???).

I think it’s great! And I applaud DCS for doing so.
Just hope it’s not a short term thing.

Just thought this was note-worthy and wanted to say ‘good on ya DCS’ if your listening.


Can’t say I’ve noticed, but I don’t spend a lot of time looking at the ED forums. As you say, good on 'em for trying to be more open and friendly. I can’t imagine it’s an easy job to manage a sim forum (except for Mudspike, of course).

I don’t even really read there anymore (I used to be a very frequent poster but the way they acted basically drove me off), I switched to Mudspike completely.

Good if they continue that way, though.


Speaking of the new PR initiative, are we still on for that AMA? @BeachAV8R

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We just wait and see @sobek. I am pretty sure that the team at ED is quite busy and this new initiative to reconnect with the community is going to take a lot of time and effort.

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NineLine conversing with SimHq members? Not really ground breaking news. SkateZilla conversing with SimHq members…now that would be shock horror. Alarm bells would be ringing that ED have indeed changed direction with consumer interaction.

@Aginor exactly how we felt at SimHq with the heavy handed moderation of ED’s forums and the moderators treatment of posts by consumers both at ED and elsewhere. We just stopped going to ED’s forums and here at mudspike for that matter. But hey, mudspike claim to be better and with out the attacks on other sim forums and their members doesn’t it? I mean…it does say that when one signs up here in the user agreement.

I think a lot will depend on the community to be honest. If the venom and vitriol get out of hand then I can see ED backing away again. Some people take this hobby, and themselves, far too seriously. The internet provides a degree of perceived anonymity that emboldens some to act in a way that they never would in a face to face discussion.

I just wish these people would take a step back and realize that buying an $80 Early Access module does not give you the right to be a childish jerk or dictate company deadlines, team allocation, development priorities, what modules are being worked on etc etc.


@PaulRix “If the venom and vitriol get out of hand then I can see ED backing away again. Some people take this hobby, and themselves, far too seriously. The internet provides a degree of perceived anonymity that emboldens some to act in a way that they never would in a face to face discussion”

Could not agree more. What is getting repetitive is NineLine coming out and apologising to all those banned members who have been hard done in every new thread that has been started from 3 weeks ago. What I’d like to see is a newsletter release that states a true time frame of all things Nick Gray mentioned in the reddit thread. Rather than apologies for a lack of communication.

Welcome to Mudspike, @Winfield! :mudspike:
We do try to keep this forum free of people with axes to grind.

And please do remember that both Nineline and Skatezilla are members here as well. Please treat them as such…


@Troll I’m playing by the rules…thank you for the warm welcome

We don’t bash anyone here. We want Mudspike to be a place where we can enjoy the flight sim hobby without the vitrol or endless opinion arguments (other than those about the Viggen beign awesome :slight_smile: ).

We also stay away from attacking other members for their view or opinions.


“NineLine having to come out and apologise”. That is what I was getting at…

If they provide a time line then some would consider it a personal slight if for whatever reason ED deviates from it in any way. I personally don’t think they owe us that at all, especially while there are elements of the community that are acting like spoiled children with an inflated sense of self importance.

Welcome to MudSpike btw. Coming from SimHQ, I think you will see quite a few familiar faces here.

Welcome to Mudspike!
It is funny how the exact thing (OK, among others) that drove me from the ED forums is also what made me a (rare) lurker over at SimHQ. Just another side of the same medal so to speak.

Mudspike fills exactly the part of the community spectrum that was missing for me.


If there was a time line many would be in up roar if ED didn’t stick to it. If there was no time line, many would be in uproar ED didn’t provide one.

Ed Just can’t win these days and please everyone…

The OP on the other hand…unbanning and starting again is a huge step in the right direction. It’s a start and trumps not having a current time line

Thank you @Aginor, being a SimHq lurker, you would probably know my posts there have been less than impressive to members here. However, if NineLine and Sobek can make the long awaited return to SimHq, I personally felt the need to do what I said I’d never do and make an appearance here. I’ll abide by the rules and not stir the pot so to speak. My vendetta has gone on long enough.

Agreed, on the other hand, it has to stay fair game to criticize ED for listing time and time again DCS core items being worked on with no progress to show for it.

Yeaaah, maybe? I mean I certainly want better weather, ATC and more ‘realistic*’ AI - it is good to remind ED that these are things I am interested in and with enough added volume of other users it may increase its priority among the ED team, but its all about how we frame those things right? I mean I am pretty sure that most of the ED team wants those things as well.

*: For some definition of ‘realistic’ AI where I can still compete with them, with my mediocre gunnery and Air-2-Air skills, even if it is too easy for everyone else :slight_smile:


Constructive, respectful criticism is one thing… throwing all your toys out the cot is something else entirely.