DCS F-14 Tomcat Launch Impressions MEGATHREAD


Are you ready?
Can you be ready?
Is AI Jester gonna throw shade or praise?
Can you handle the 'Cat?

A lot of anticipation and flight sim enthusiast angst has been bottled up for this release. Post your impressions of the Heatblur F-14 Tomcat after it releases on 13 March (tomorrow).

Post your screenshots and get your ‘like’ button ready. We will curate a list of the the ‘best of’ initial impressions screenshots in 30 days (or so). :slight_smile:

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Guess who has a 05:15 check in tomorrrow, and will be away until friday evening…? :roll_eyes:


I plan on jumping onto mudspike ts tomorrow as soon after 5pm gmt as possible. Hopefully see some other F14 pilots there and get some nice screenies of us all flat spinning :sunglasses:


I’ll probably be there around 18:00 EST.



I think my first hour is going to be sat in a cold cockpit at NTTR just pretending I know how to fly. I don’t fly NTTR that often, but this seems like a nice excuse to play with it in a new airframe.


I was on the road for the MiG 19 rollout, but I’m home for the F14 :sunglasses:.

First thing I’m going to do? Well, I think I’m going to have to buzz the Tower at Nellis (it will have to do as a stand in for Mirimar). Much coffee will be spilled.


I thought about it, But I think im going to just cat off the Stennis and then inevitably see how big of a fireball I can make trying to land…


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discobot is down… Long live the @goosebot!

PS We’re turn all this off after the launch celebration. Feel free to ask Goose some quotes…


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I know I’m a bit premature, but before I got to bed I just want to wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day! I look forward to seeing everyone’s first impressions and playing around with the Cat myself on Friday!

…stupid long workdays…




OMG, I need a cigarette… I don’t even SMOKE!


Man, does it ever suck to be you. Well, look at it this way, you can follow the drama. Whatever bugs come out with it, the minipatch will hopefully fix by Thursday. :grin:
Have a safe travel and we will see you in the pit Friday buddy.


Same here… F5… F5… F5…